There is a direct relationship between exercising and cheating your partner, according to science

¿You spend a lot of time in the gym lately? Or, what's worse, your partner has signed up for Crossfit and does not take time to see you? Maybe you should start worrying, maybe that new interest in sculpt your body not have much to do with you, but rather with other people outside the relationship. This has been suggested by a survey on infidelity made on the dating site 'Ashley Madison', which goes to say that do weights together can unite a lot, and sometimes infidels they decide to tone up in honor of new couples.

"The excuse to go to the gym is very typical and sometimes has little to do with exercising," says in an interview with Fatherly the personal trainer Robert Herbst. The survey found that almost three quarters of respondents decided to get in shape for their new lovers and not to like their partners more. It does not have much scientific basis but experts point out that there really is a link between infidelity and interest in exercise.

A 2015 survey indicated that 25% of those who attend the gym have made love with one of their classmates at least once

It may seem silly at first sight, and you defend yourself by saying that you go to the gym a lot and you have never cheated on your partner. Congratulations, then, but the polls seem to point the opposite way. In 2015, a sample was made between 2,000 adults by the British erotic products firm Ann Summers that was conclusive: 25% of people who regularly went to the gym had made love with one of his colleagues at least once during the previous year (2014) and one in five had messed with his personal trainer. 70% of women He admitted, in addition, having fantasized about his monitors, and 66% of the total number of respondents recognized that sexual daydreams they facilitate their work in the machines.

"The people in the Ashley Madison survey They reported that they exercise to look good, but also because they want to like others, "he said. Paul Keabe, director of company strategy. "I think that's the reason why they commit infidelity." In addition, numerous studies have shown that exercising the body increases libido, and there is strong evidence that those couples in which sexual desire is unmatched are more likely to be sexually oriented. come one infidelity. When there are imbalances and one of the two in the couple has more sexual impulse There may be problems. And they are not always the ones who want more, "he says.

Does your partner spend a lot of time in the gym? Numerous studies have shown that exercising the body increases libido

So, do you really have to worry about your partner go to the gym? Experts are reluctant to make a real correlation or to admit that the exercise as such is a risk factor or that it has some causal relationship with the deception. "I do not dare to say that it is a sign of infidelity in 100% of cases," says Keable. "But you have to admit that when one of the two members of the couple goes to the gym and the other does not, a bigger hole opens up between you, a lack of knowledge of a part of life. "

But notice that you must not obsess either. "There has to be another test that makes you have the fly behind the ear. Are you having disagreements about your needs or most intimate wishes? Do you know where this need of work out or is it something that has happened suddenly? There must be others causal elements to suspect that something may be happening, "he concludes.