There are no excuses: here is the plan you need to start running every day

It is not about starting to run five kilometers a day or running with weights from now on because for that you must have a certain physical base. Nor is it about strictly following what the nap helps to run better. More than that, it consists in starting, in get activated. And for that it can help you the following plan:

Choose your footwear well

The only items you need to start running every day include a pair or two of sneakers for running, socks and clothing sweat resistant running shoes, and that includes shorts and t-shirts. If you run at night or early, wear a jacket reflective For security.

The most important part is the footwear. It is not worth anything. It should be something that you feel comfortable with, that has good traction, that supports your foot well, and that does not cause scratches or injuries. A bad experience with the shoes can cause you to quit when you have already made up your mind.

Adapt to life and goals

How often you run each week should depend on the objectives that you consider, and these are determined by your fitness level. For example, if you are a beginner, you do not need to start running every day because you will have a higher risk of getting frustrated or suffering an injury. Instead, it is advisable to start running every other day for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Having enough time to run daily or several times a week can be challenging. Therefore, it is not a bad idea go for a run first thing in the morning Before the day complicates your plans. Running together with other people will provide you support and motivation. You can opt for short sessions from Monday to Friday and longer during the weekend, when you have more time.

Make a weekly plan

If you are an experienced runner and you have decided to run every day, it is important that you give variety to your weekly schedule so you don’t get bored and cover the entire physical spectrum. For example, one day a week you can do a long session at a constant pace and another you can dedicate to speed sessions. One or two days can be short recovery periods and the rest can be spent exercising on slopes. Are just suggestions.


If you do start out for a run, never neglect something as important as safety. Uses bright colors, including slippers if you can, and look for tours with people and well lit. It is also important that those close to you know that you have gone out for a run. And try to choose hard surfaces to avoid possible sprained ankles.

It’s also good prepare the race to avoid injuries and seek better brands. It is not always necessary to stretch before running. You can walk for the first few minutes or jog at a slower pace to warm up your muscles. Yes, it always is forced to stretch after running to facilitate better recovery.

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