There are already two babies born with antibodies against the coronavirus

USA, daughter of a vaccinated nurse

The first was a health worker facing the coronavirus in Florida, United States, who received the Moderna vaccine in early January 2021. At that time she was 36 weeks pregnant, three weeks and three days later the woman went into labor. This is how he was born the first baby in the world with antibodies against Covid-19.

It is a perfectly healthy girl, but with a different condition from the rest of those born around the world. The little girl is immune to the virus that has afflicted humanity for a year.

The particular case was described by pediatricians Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick in an article to be published on medRxiv. And that explains how the results were obtained from an antibody test against Covid-19, carried out with samples of blood from the umbilical cord.

The test was performed immediately after birth and confirmed the presence of immunity against SARS-CoV-2. A condition that forms naturally after 7 days of passing the disease and in which most cases persist for the rest of life.

Specialists consider this to be an important step in the fight to protect children from the virus in the current pandemic:

This is just a small case of what will be thousands and thousands of children born in the next few months to mothers who have been vaccinated.".

When> 28 and 42 days as recommended. Rather, it would be done after delivery, but this was not a limitation for the baby to develop immunity of maternal origin.

On the other hand, before the first applications of the vaccine, a couple of cases of pregnant women infected with covid-19 were registered. However, they were asymptomatic and transmitted the antibodies to the newborns. Who in turn were negative to the Covid-19 test.

Mexico, son of a vaccinated nutritionist

The second case is that of a mother who had been inoculated with the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine in her 32nd week of pregnancy. The baby was born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, once his mother had received the two doses of the vaccine for being part of the health personnel, without presenting any type of complication.

The researchers point out that it is the first case in Mexico in which the antibodies are generated by the baby itself, not having been inherited by the mother. These defenses are expected to be enough to protect the child from contracting COVID-19 in the future.

Despite the hopeful news, Mexican health authorities indicated that they do not plan to include pregnant women in their priority vaccination plan. This is news that can generate controversy, since in that country, some 10,500 pregnant women have been infected with the virus and 281 of them have died.

And, although more studies are needed to quantify the neutralizing antibodies of the immune system of newborns and their effectiveness in protecting them, the case anticipates that millions of cases can occur in a similar way. Tens of thousands of newborns will continue to be born with antibodies transmitted from the mother, a condition that makes them protected against the virus. It remains to be established what level of antibodies are needed for a baby to have protection.

The information has reached some pharmaceutical companies that are beginning to include pregnant women in their studies. In this way they seek to learn more about the transmission of antibodies to children.

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