The worst foods you can eat if you are hypertensive

If you are hypertensive, you already know that you cannot eat dishes that contain a lot of salt. Many people end up discovering late that they suffer from this cardiovascular disease and continue with the way of life they have led until then. When having high blood pressure, you should automatically bet on a healthy life away from salt, fat and vices, and marry a diet rich in fiber, vegetables and protein to adopt an exercise routine.

It was in early 2019 when the Blue Cross Blue Shield agency published a large study conducted on millions of people that reflected that from 2014 to 2017 the prevalence of high blood pressure in people ages 21 to 36 increased 16%. Hence, if you think that you are still young for these health problems to reach you, you are wrong.

Bet on infusions such as tea to drink between meals instead of sugar-laden soft drinks

In the end, if you don't undertake this series of changes in your habits, your circulatory system can be seriously damaged and, in turn, risking major problems, such as a heart attack or stroke. The first measure to reduce the probability that hypertension will get worse is what you put in your mouth every day. The magazine 'Eat This Not That' has compiled a series of products that are not recommended at all if you have high blood pressure.

French fries

The classic food that is prohibited in all kinds of diets. Industrial fries are one of the products with the highest amount of salt and if they end up becoming a recurring snack when you feel hungry, the best thing is that you cut your losses and never reach into one of these bags again. If you want to eat potatoes in a healthy way, it is best to cook them in a pot and season them yourself with the spices and oil you want. Remember that many times the key is not to stop eating certain foods, but to know how to cook them so that they are healthy.


You can choose to make a homemade pizza, but logically if you buy it from a fast food restaurant or those sold frozen in supermarkets and you are hypertensive, you will not be doing your body any good. This delicious dish so famous throughout the world is usually prepared with many additives and an extra salt to provide that intense flavor in each bite.


Although they are known to have an excess of added sugar and not so much salt, a study found that those who drank more than one soda a day or another type of sugary drink had higher blood pressure than those who did not consume as much often or hardly ever. Instead bet on infusions like tea. Or by freshly squeezed natural juices.


This meat from pork not healthy in any way. Even if you cook it, you will not be ridding your body of its harmful effects, since it is all pure fat. And also, the one they usually sell in slices naturally contains a lot of sodium, so don't even think about eating it again, unless it is very rarely, if you suffer from hypertension.

Alcoholic drinks

Like soda, beer or wine contains a lot of empty calories They are not only very bad if you have high blood pressure, but they will also make you gain weight quickly and imperceptibly. Alcohol is in no way healthy, not even when it is consumed the least, since it causes serious damage to the body and brain in the long term.

Frozen or pre-cooked food

Many ready-made dishes contain a high amount of sodium, so the best thing is that you cook for yourself. Only then will you control the amount of salt you add to your meals and dinners. Remember that it is always better to fall short than to overshoot.