The way to have your brain more active than ever if you spend 50 years

One day you do not know where you put the keys of the car, another does not remember what you were going to the room or you left the tap open when you have washed your hands. You need to multiply something and, of course, you can not make an easy account. These little ones lapse They are normal, do not worry, but they can be remedied. When you reach a certain age the memory It's failing, it's a fact. Do you want to know how activate it?

Science suggests that what is good for your body is also good for you mind: Exercise, a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight seem to be the best for the brain because they can even reduce the accumulation of proteins related to the disease. Alzheimer's. If you are over 50, you may want to follow the tips from the psychologist Lisa Feldman Barret, professor at Northeastern University in Boston, who has given 'The New York Times'.

"Challenge yourself, learn new things on a regular basis, but do not just do it casually. Study any new topic that has difficulty Until you feel tired, blocked and frustrated. This level of effort is associated with increases in the ease of communication within the brain and, as a result, cognitive skills improve, "he explains.

On what is it based?

His advice comes from a study of "superagents", individuals 65 years of age or older, whose cognitive abilities are as acute as those of 25-year-olds. Barrett believes that what sets them apart is their ability to use unpleasant feelings that they experience when they challenge themselves as a signal to keep going, instead of as a warning to stop and rest.

Feeling satisfied with your life and experiencing few negative emotions is associated with better health and longer longevity

It is very important to stop and think how important this statement is because if the only way to maintain a sharp cognitive skills is to expose ourselves regularly to pain and frustration, it does not seem to be the ideal definition What we expect from old age The same argument has been presented regarding physical aging. Not long ago, many advocated HIIT, exercising at your maximum capacity, interspersing your effort with short periods of rest, as a way of improve cardiovascular function and lose weight.

"It is not the most appropriate way . So much intensity demotivates and can even be dangerous for some, "say David Swain and Barry Franklin of the University of Old Dominion in Virginia In fact, there are emerging research that suggests that moderate exercise can be equally effective and more pleasant .


Other investigations such as Ed Diener Y Micaela Chan from the University of Illinois show that the subjective well-beingor (feeling satisfied with your life and experiencing few or no negative emotions) is associated with a better health and greater longevity. Getting to work with frustration and exhaustion has little appeal.

On the other hand, find an activity that you like so much that you do not even realize that you're trying, it seems like a much more bearable way and better to keep your brain and memory more active as the years go by.