The virus strikes back: the shadow of the outbreak

This week has started the new normal. After more than three months in alarm we can occupy the terraces, the restaurants, the shops, the cinemas, we slowly return to our jobs … but with it come the dreaded outbreaks. In Spain, for the moment, There have been 36 new outbreaks. The one that worries the most is Huesca, with dozens of cases, which has forced four regions to return to phase two. There have also been outbreaks in the Basque Country, Andalusia, Valladolid …

The same phenomenon is occurring in other countries. In Beijing there is an extensive regrowth that it has forced to isolate hundreds of thousands of people and carry out massive examinations to try to control it. Something similar happens in Germany, in Berlin, where an entire district has been isolated. We have been able to see shocking images of the police putting up barbed wire to prevent movement of the population. There are also outbreaks in Italy and more than 70 in France.

Regrowth in the tournament

Very famous has been the case of tennis player Djokovic infection, world number one, after a tournament in the city of Belgrade where hardly any security measures were taken and where we have been able to see images in a disco without any control. The result, for the moment, are four infected tennis players in addition to Djokovic's wife, Jelena.

In most of the sprouts we can find common elements. Have occurred in crowded workplaces as slaughterhouses or in the collection of fruit and vegetable products by seasonal workers. Others, like the one in Fuerteventura, have been related to illegal immigration due to the arrival of boats. The genome of the Beijing outbreak virus appears to be of European origin, that is, also related to the movement of people. Other outbreaks are related to uncontrolled meetings or parties without adequate protection measures.

Possible relapse

People wonder anguished. What can happen? You have to be cautious; 'when your neighbor's beard you see peel put yours to soak'. There is only to see countries that have preceded us like China or Italy, with extensive new foci. Therefore it would not be surprising that in Spain a new relapse would appear greater than the current ones, that will force a large amount of population to de-scale. We must try to avoid it, for the good of all.

It must also be said that the health situation that we have today is very different to the one that existed in the months of February or March. In that period, COVID was an unknown disease. Little was known about the way of transmission, there was a lack of diagnostic tests and the lack of knowledge about the possible treatment was absolute. During these months, many of these unknowns have been cleared. At least hydroalcoholic masks and gels are widely available, before there was not even in hospitals. See the scandalous number of healthcare personnel infected by COVID, who have placed their duty of caring for the sick above the minimum protection measures. Definitely, we are much more prepared to fight disease.

The new situation implies an opening of borders. Keep an eye out, the virus is uncontrolled in many areas: Latin America, USA, Russia … There is an initiative of the European Union to control the borders and restrict or prohibit arrivals from various areas, before July 1. But there are reluctant countries like Greece that are reluctant to restrict tourist arrivals from places like Russia since they are an important market for them. Let's hope that the dichotomy between health and economy does not push us back.

Prevention is key

Preventive measures must be insistently insisted: masks, safety distance and hand washing. Especially in closed places. Young people must be made aware that, in some cases, they gather without any control in bottles or parties, being able to become asymptomatic carriers, transmitting a virus that can kill their parents or grandparents or take them to an ICU. It is very possible that until there is a vaccine things will not be as before.

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