The videos of viral deco tricks that sweep the Instagram of H&M Home to transform your living room almost for free

ANA CALVO Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 11:58

The deco section of Mujerhoy, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest … The Internet is full of good ideas to decorate our house for very little money. A few days ago we learned the best ‘IKEA hacks’ to turn the most famous (and cheap) shelves into unique, authentic luxury furniture and today we were fascinated with the interior designer tricks that they give us from H&M Home to transform our living room easily, quickly, cheaply and with magazine results.

With a very low budget, a little imagination, large doses of good taste and a few very simple deco tricks to replicate in our home with ‘low cost’ pieces, H&M Home offers us a series of tutorials that are sweeping Instagram. The secret? Make of home accessories (textiles, cushions, rugs, vases, lighting, plants and other ornaments) the protagonists of our living room, so that if we change them, we completely transform the space, making it look new without spending almost any money!

Small changes (free) and big results

As explained in this first video tutorial, many times it is enough to change the location of the decorations, rearrange the furniture or give new uses to pieces that we already had so that the result is more than visible: creating new rest or dining areas, dividing the space with auxiliary furniture, turning a basket into a planter and playing with colors through textiles (cushions are our great allies) are simple and free gestures with results spectacular.

The 60-30-10 rule of color matching

One of the best deco tricks that we can apply in our home is the 60-30-10 color combination rule, a simple color guide with which we will know how to choose the base tones of the rooms and the touches of color through details that will make a difference. Although white and its derivatives are always the perfect canvas to make spaces look bigger and brighter, H&M Home puts the accent on those ornaments and textiles with which we will play to achieve spectacular results.

Carpets and curtains, the other textiles that also matter

Although cushions are always the great deco wildcard to transform spaces for very little, we cannot forget curtains and rugs, another ‘low cost’ element with great decorative power. At the time of choosing curtains, we will not only look at their color and texture, keys to create minimalist, sophisticated, elegant or ‘rustic chic’ style spaces: the length, the height at which we hang them or the way to install them (blinds, Japanese panels, curtains with bars or rings) will be key to making our living room appear larger and brighter. The carpetsIn addition to providing touches of color and helping us to play with textures, they will add a note of warmth and comfort ideal for the colder months.

Don’t forget about indoor plants

As they remind us from H&M Home, we cannot forget about indoor plants, a decorative element that brings freshness, light and warmth to the different environments of your house and that, in addition, are perfect to achieve that the spaces are visually enlarged, making the room where they are seem bigger. Here we give you the most beautiful ideas to use in your living room with spectacular results.

The light, the definitive trick for a magazine salon

We never tire of repeating that good lighting in a house is key to making spaces look cleaner and, in addition, larger. But beyond natural light, playing with the artificial lighting of the room through lamps, candles and indirect light points will bring warmth and comfort to our living room. The tricks to get it that they give us from H&M Home? Make the ceiling lamp the main protagonist with a special design, but without hanging it too high; play with the pairs of table or floor lamps to create symmetry and achieve a harmonious space, use auxiliary lights in strategic corners to provide privacy and play with styles, sizes and finishes to put a note of great design.

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