The vest with weights: the best choice to double your efforts when running

First it is to introduce you to the running world, then it is to run five kilometers a day and finally it is to set yourself high challenges. Sloths may tell you that napping helps. But the shots are not going there. Rather, it is, for example, running with weights to increase endurance. AND vest is the best choice.

The truth is that weighted vests have become popular these days as a magnificent tool to perform good resistance training. They are already seen everywhere and can be easily bought in sporting goods stores and online. May improve your posture when running and also helps you increase your speed.

How Weight Vests Work

Weight vests require your body to exert more force to run during training sessions. When you run without the vest after getting used to training with it, your body continues to exert the force it would take to run at your normal pace with the added weight.

Many people feel that running in a weighted vest can increase their heart rate and improve cardiovascular health. It makes sense, since your body has to work harder to carry your weight forward when extra pounds are added. When you carry those weights, the heart works a little harder to pump blood through the veins.

How to use it

It is best to start by running sprints with the vest on without adding weight. So you will start get used to it. Make sure it doesn’t move around your body and see how it adapts to you. Then slowly add small amounts of weight to your workout, no more than two kilos at a time. So until you get to train as you normally do, but now with the vest on.

Keep in mind that weighted vests aren’t just for running. Use it in the gym with weights or elliptical sessions it can also be beneficial. If you wear a weight vest during the weight training exercise, you will be working against gravity at a higher intensity.

On the other hand, adding a weight vest can help you burn more calories during a cardiovascular workout. Some people wear their vests during classes boxing or while wearing various machines gym.

Which is the best

To purchase a vest with weights, try that does not exceed 10 percent of your body weight. Look for a vest that allows you to start with a lower weight and gradually add more weight. Try different styles and shapes. A weight vest should fit comfortably to your body. You should feel the weight evenly distributed on your torso and torso.

Some precautions

Use your head to adjust to vest workouts. The weights should be spread over the body in identical proportions and not move. If they are not fixed, they could make you lose the Balance and cause you injury. And don’t start training with the heaviest setting your vest is equipped for. Start with very little weight and increase it in each subsequent training session. If you use it well and adapt to it, you will notice progress in your speed.

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