The very cheap furniture that does not stop running out at Primark Home because it transforms your living room for less than 100 euros

We can’t help it: we are completely hooked on the deco news (and a little bit also on the Instagram account) of Primark Home. Its sustainable cotton sheets are the best and its very cheap decorations are capable of making a difference for 10 euros. Now, the low cost giant has launched a collection of furniture ideals that will transform your living room at bargain prices and, believe us, none of your friends will think that, the most expensive of all (the rattan chair of this Reel), costs less than 100 euros.

The wood and natural fibers such as jute or rattan, organic fabrics, metallic finishes or marble give shape to environments in which minimalism coexists, nordic style and the cottage trend with notes of sophisticated opulence and details of vintage-inspired.

Primark Home furniture is the nicest and cheapest: the rattan sideboard costs 70 euros; the set of marble and gold side tables costs 50 euros and the jute rug costs 55 euros. / primark home

Putting the focus on the living room as the main room, the new deco collection from Primark Home includes furniture such as sideboards, chairs, side tables, waitresses or shelves, as well as home accessories such as rugs, wall decorations, mirrors and lamps. Everything at bargain prices: the most expensive is a rattan chair that costs 100 euros, but table sets, sideboards or rugs do not exceed 50 euros.

Side tables from Primark Home cost between 30 and 50 euros. / primark home

We have to admit that we have a weakness for side tables and waitresses, since in addition to their functionality (they are perfect for supporting indirect light points, storing books or serving as the basis for the most special decorations in our home) they are very decorative and thanks to them we can include trend notes without risking or spending too much: opulent luxury details with glitter and marble, rustic touches in wood, retro style with crystals and gold…

Primark Home rugs are good, pretty and cheap: they cost between 30 and 60 euros.

The rugs are another of the irresistible bargains in the new Zara Home deco collection, with pieces that seem to come from an antique shop, models in natural fibers such as jute or rattan that will add a very trendy rustic touch to your living room or classic designs in light tones that, in addition to providing light and spaciousness, add a point of extra warmth to the room.

The bad news is that the collection is taking Instagram by storm and the furniture and decorations in the new Primark Home collection are so beautiful and cheap that they fly in the store and the real luxury is finding them available. For when an online store, gentlemen of Primark, to at least be able to sign up for a waiting list?

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