The United States begins to apply the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19

The most anticipated day of the year in the United States has arrived, the days to apply the vaccine against Covid-19. The laboratory Pfizer, associated with the German BioNTech, the Food and Drug Administration of the North American country obtained emergency authorization from the FDA. Millions of doses will be distributed in different states of the country following the guidelines of vaccination campaigns.

During the weekend, the difficult distribution that required keeping the doses at -80orC. To begin the largest vaccination effort in the country. However, supplies are expected to be limited for a time.

The first application day will be for the elderly shelter residents and health workers. The country's government indicates that vaccines should be available to everyone by the middle of next year. And this Monday, they will be delivered to 145 distribution centers, as reported by the army general Gustavo Perna of Operation Speed ​​of Light. An additional 425 centers will receive vaccines on Tuesday and the rest of the 66 on Wednesday.

How many vaccines will they receive and how will it be distributed in the states?

The number of vaccines that will be received at the beginning is 3 million. Perna clarified that the numbers that had been indicated to the states corresponded to the 6.4 million doses that were ready to be distributed at that time. Since Pfizer's vaccine requires two applications, the government will stick with the second to ensure it reaches the people. And another 500,000 doses will be reserved for emergency.

To send an amount to each state, federal officials will rely on the population of people 18 years and over. Some states have already shared their initial allocation, although they have not yet indicated the exact amount.

How many vaccines are on the way and why not distribute all of them from scratch?

The country's government expects that by the end of December 20 million people receive the first dose. Which means that they will have approximately 40 million injections available. All of this is considering the Moderna vaccine, which also needs to be applied in two doses and has yet to pass regulatory hurdles.

The country's authorities hope to vaccinate another 30 million people in January and 50 million more by February.

The reason why all the doses are not distributed from the beginning, refers to the total protection to the second application. The government wants to make sure the second dose is delivered at the right time; three weeks after the first vaccination.

How did the Pfizer vaccine progress so fast after its recent approval?

Although Pfizer doses have just been approved by regulators, shipments can begin immediately. This is thanks to the fact that the manufacturing and maintenance of them was already carried out.

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