The two things you should keep in mind if you suffer from anxiety

Is about one of the most common diseases In the contemporary world. Unless you are an endangered species, surely you have experienced anxiety at some point in your life. The accelerated pace of life we ​​lead and the pressure to always show others are some of the reasons behind this disorder that already exceeds depression in incidence among the Spanish population.

Specifically, the latest studies reflect that More than 40% of Spaniards suffer anxiety at some time in their life. What are your symptoms? Unexpected tachycardias, choking sensation or chest tightness, irrational fear and even nausea or dizziness. In some cases, anxiety attacks can lead to panic, which will aggravate the situation.

Those who had someone to trust were three times more likely to enjoy excellent mental health

In any case, if you think you suffer it very frequently, the most advisable thing is that you go to the doctor urgently, or to a psychologist. Many cases require medication to be able to live a normal life, so it is best to obtain the opinion of a professional.

Another of the great evils of this disorder is that many times the patient usually thinks that he will not be cured, that the episodes will be repeated continuously throughout his life. This causes that solving the problem is even more complicated, since one of the ways to calm the anxiety is precisely to approach the situation with tranquility.

But fortunately, science seems to be closer to never knowing much more about the pathology in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases. A new study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has concluded that recovering from this disease is entirely possible. The key to this is just two things: to have someone to lean on and seek a spiritual sense in our life. It seems like a joke or a topic, but it is. The researchers at the University of Toronto examined data from 2,128 adults Canadians with a history of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and found that 72% of them, a large majority, did not have anxiety episodes again for at least a year.

A hopeful fact that, in addition, contrasts with the psychiatric history of the subjects analyzed, since anxiety is still a pathology that is related to even more serious ones: 60% said they had not abused narcotic substances, nor did they they developed suicidal thoughts during the process, nor depression, as reported by 'Best Life'. In fact, 40% affected that he was immersed in a period of "excellent" mental stability, which is translated in the face of the survey in which in the last month they felt good almost daily, experiencing high degrees of social and psychological well-being.

The value of friendship

The scientists also found some defining features in those who said they felt free from anxiety. First of all, people who had at least someone to trust and tell him everything about his illness were three times more likely to enjoy excellent mental health. “The social support offered by a friend can foster in the patient the development of a sense of self-esteem or belonging, which can clearly help their speedy recovery,” he says. Kandance Ryckman, co-author of the study, through a statement.

A transcendent sense

Similarly, she and her team found that there was also a relationship between "the recovery of a mental illness and the belief in a higher power," which translates into those People with religious feelings tended to recover before or better from the condition. The study states that 36% of the participants in the study were more likely to enjoy excellent mental health if they developed any kind of spirituality than those who did not. On the other side, there are the traits that can condemn the patient to suffer anxiety: insomnia, social isolation or poor physical health.

"The results suggest that total recovery is possible, even in those who have suffered this type of disorder for many years," he emphasizes. Esme Fuller-Thompson, director of the Toronto University Institute for Life and Aging, to 'Best Life'. Therefore, this new study shows that anxiety is a condition that can be treated. The most worrying thing is that many people do not go to the doctor because to the stigma that exists in society. That is why if you think you need help, you put yourself in the hands of a professional with the goal of healing and being able to live happily and calmly.