The two simple changes in your life to lose abdominal fat

If you are looking for one Magic formula to lose the Abdominal fatWe are sorry to inform you that you will not find it here (or anywhere else because it does not exist). That incipient gut that is so annoying and very unattractive, especially when you are sitting, is the result mainly of poor diet. The foods that you should say goodbye for a (long) time are the ones you probably already imagined: processed, fried and especially sweet, since sugar is closely related to abdominal fat.

"The main reason why many people struggle to see results that they do not notice after 40 years is because they do not incorporate strength training and are afraid of eating real food," he explains in 'Prevention' Sarah Kusch, expert in fitness and trainer. Research, for example, ensures that lifting weights can make a big difference in the way your body looks and feels, and in fact a study published in the magazine 'Menopause' discovered that when a group of menopausal women conducted two strength training sessions a week, they significantly reduced the 'gordominal' in six weeks

So what are the two steps to follow if we want get rid of that bump so annoying?


It is clear that sugar and processed are our enemies, but what exactly to eat? It is best to opt for whole foods (fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins such as poultry, fish or lentils). When you start eating like this, your plate will automatically be filled with nutrient-rich foods that will make you feel better because will increase your energy, they will help you build muscle and fight the inflammation that causes diseases. Within this meal plan, point out these four essentials:

Boiled egg It contains 6 grams of protein that, according to Kusch, accelerates the metabolism.

Avocado. In addition to offering 2 grams of protein in half, this fruit contains monosinatured fats that can help you reduce cholesterol, hunger and even belly fat.

Blueberries They are full of fiber to prevent hunger, and research shows that daily consumption can reduce muscle pain from exercise.

Spinach. Of all the green leafy vegetables, spinach has the highest protein content: 5 grams per cup.

Start moving

You have heard to the full of metabolism, that vital process for all living beings and that your body carries out to convert the food it consumes into the energy it needs. But surely you have also heard about differences in metabolism, more or less fast or slow, and these arise mostly, due to differences in the amounts of fat compared to lean mass in a person's body.

If despite diet and exercise you can not lose weight, it may be because you are not sleeping well or even have accumulated stress

The possibility of accelerating it has to do, of course, with exercising more and building muscle. Aerobic exercises they involve a fast and high calorie expenditure, but sometimes a training in which you use weights (as the coach said) can be even more effective, because it makes the muscle work intensely, raising the basal metabolism and resorting to theorganism deposits. Also, once you finish, these muscles that you have exercised still need oxygen and the body will continue to burn calories to facilitate it. The combination, therefore, of exercise and cardio, is always a great option.

But … What if I don't lose weight?

Yes, despite following a balanced diet and exercising you don't get lose the 'gordominal'It may be because you are not sleeping well or even have stress. When we go through long periods of tension, our body produces cortisol (the stress hormone), which in the long term has negative effects on our health. Also, you are more likely to have cravings, eat more Food quantity and worse quality.

In the same way, sleeping less could also trigger your cortisol production, according to the latest studies, so if you are dealing with your gut, exercise and combine it with a balanced diet, we can only recommend a little relaxation. 'Mens sana in corpore sano', after all.