The two relaxing techniques you need to not explode in the office because of stress

A bad day has any and we must be prepared to know how to deal with it and that your brain and emotions make blur and new account. Adequate breathing and some meditation exercises can help you get an express relaxation when you experience those stress peaks at work and need to regain your focus and eliminate tensions. If you follow all the techniques described in Welfare Engineering (Cutting-edge books), there will be no bad meeting or anger of the boss that makes you lose calm because they are designed to make them comfortably sitting in your office chair. Use them without hesitation if the occasion requires it.

The yogi's breath to regain calm

This breath gives us calm, frees us from tension and helps us regain stability. You will find it very useful before facing complicated meetings or after living an unpleasant moment.

Sitting comfortably in the chair, close your eyes, relax your neck, jaw and shoulders. Take your hands to your abdomen and hug it. When inhaling, it takes the air to the abdomen, lowers the parachute of the diaphragm, which expands and separates the fingertips. Exhale completely and contract your abdomen by rubbing your fingers again. Repeat six times.

Bring your hands up to the ribs, inhale and observe how you expand the sides, and when exhaling return to the beginning (do six repetitions).

With your hands at the level of the clavicles, perform six repetitions observing that you expand inside. The inhalation must be nasal, without forcing, soft and comfortable.

Now repeat the three phases of the breath integrating them into one, as if you were a bottle that is filled with water, noticing the air that goes down to the bottom, to the abdomen area, continues on the sides and ends up filling, and exhales taking the water out of the bottom and Go up to empty the bottle completely. Repeat for three minutes.

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Sitali meditation for heated situations

This meditation will not only make you "cool down" but it will bring you energy and vitality. To do it you can remain seated, but since it involves sticking out your tongue, you better go to the bathroom to do it in private. Once seated you should relax doing three deep breaths and closing my eyes.

Place your hands on your lap with your thumb and forefinger together. Then roll up the U-shaped tongue and take it out of your mouth slightly. Inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Feel the freshness when inhaling and observe the heat you expel through the nose. Breathe like this for three minutes.

If your tongue is not able to curl, do not worry. Do the same exercise by joining the upper and lower teeth and leaving the mouth open. Inhale between the teeth and exhale through the nose.

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