The two most powerful antidepressants are at your fingertips

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. So much so that it is usually called the mental plane flu. Is that, according to statistics, affects 120 million people in the Western world. What a figure!

Many specialists in the subject consider that these numbers have to do with the lifestyle we lead. Christophe André, a French psychiatrist and psychotherapist, says that today's society needs both more movement and more serenity. In his opinion, mental problems such as depression are manifested largely because there is an imbalance in moods.

The good news is that, for this psychiatrist and scientific disseminator, medication is the most extreme option to end depression. It may be necessary, especially in times of crisis, but as he states, balancing moods is a process that can be learned.

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Although there are many ways to do it, he ensures that the two most efficient antidepressants are available to anyone:

"The two major antidepressants are physical activity and social contact."

Did you imagine it? These are some of the reasons why you should pay more attention to these two aspects of your life.

Physical activity to fight depression

For thousands and thousands of years, the human being only had himself to move from one place to another. The prehistoric man went out to hunt, then began to cultivate the land, but always remained active. Even afterwards, when people were already living in civilization, people walked long stretches: there were no cars.

Thus, in human evolution, our tendency to move from one place to another on four wheels and with zero physical effort is something new. And although it seems that there is no other way to do it, the truth is that for our body and our mind it is still difficult to process.

Exercise releases endorphins, which generate well-being and free the mind from worries. In addition, they are usually a powerful mechanism to gain confidence. Feeling that we are meeting our goals is one of the best ways to feel less about depression.

Finally, exercising is a good engine to get to the second antidepressant: contact with others.

The social to fight depression

The human being is a social being. There is almost no chance of it existing in a healthy way without contact with others. It shows immediately: the bond with others increases the good mood and we feel better.

Many times, depression begins with isolation. It is a vicious circle that ends up aggravating the situation a lot. As we said before, exercising is a good antidepressant because, among other things, it forces you to go out, to see others and, why not, to socialize.

But not only that. Being in touch with others, being kind to others and, above all, practicing gratitude can be powerful attitudes against depression.

André says: "There is an exercise that consists of thinking about three good things that we have done during the day. But it is even more beneficial to think to whom we owe those three good things that happened to me today. For example, if we listen to a good piece of music, we mentally thank the musician who has made the effort to create it. It seems like a small detail, but gratitude allows in positive moods to double the effects; it connects us with other human beings and gives us security. "

Also collaborate with others. Doing things for others helps us feel better, while helping others to be happy. It is a chain of positivity that can change lives.

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Extra: silence

Silence is another fault of our time. The excess of stimuli leads us to overwhelm us, and that generates some of the most common mental disorders.

Therefore, resorting to meditation or retreats is not a bad idea. Or, at least, spend time without noise, without "doing anything". Letting the mind wander free during the day is sometimes a good way to give her rest and make her feel good.

What do you think about this? Do you think those are really the two most powerful antidepressants?


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