The truth about detox diets

In December we make a stop to life and we are dedicated to the good life. We eat what we want, we drink every time we can, desserts become our loyal friends and we stagnate everything that has to do with exercise and healthy life.

A month later we return to the routine. And we noticed that we have a few extra kilos, then we decide that it is a good time to close our mouths and submit to those famous detox diets. Those that promise to be the magic formula to make us lose the extra kilos. And it is that those who promote it ensure that it is like magic. You make some juices and pum! you are already thin. The truth is that this type of juice-based regimes that supposedly eliminate toxins, deflate and they give you Energy They are not the panacea.

In January our social networks are filled with fitness people, "health coaches", naturopaths and "nutritional advisors", who knowing that we are desperate to recover and improve the type, profit selling "detox plans”Based on juices. But they do it in such a way that they do not worry that many of their followers can be diabetic, or have gastrointestinal diseases, be pregnant, etc. and end up putting their clients' health at risk.

This is why the medical and scientific community has released the alarm and have been dedicated to explaining by all possible means that the body is a perfectly designed machine It has the ability to detoxify itself through the lungs, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and immune system, and it does not need extreme diets that promise to detoxify you.

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Doctors say that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods, but the problem with this type of diet is that we rely on pseudo professionals instead of going to a health professional, to check our food, make us aware of what that we eat and raise a balanced diet To help us achieve our long-term purpose. The risk lies in believing that there are magical solutions to real problems.

Is it true that these celebrities juices "detox”Purify the organism and do everything they promise?

The answer is do not. When you undergo these types of diets, the first thing you notice is that your body is hungry, so your brain sends a signal that has a sugar boom in response to the fruit that you consumed with the juice. This forces the pancreas to secrete insulin, which is responsible for transporting sugar (in the form of glucose in your blood) to the cells.

Shortly after, (approximately 30min) while your cells absorb glucose, your blood sugar level begins to drop and you may begin to feel dizzy. Meanwhile, due to lack of calories, your body is deprived of glycogen, a reserve of energy that is stored in the muscles and liver.

After two days, with each sip, your insulin levels skyrocket, to fall off the cliff. Your energy reserves (glycogen) have long been depleted, leaving a feeling of weakness and fatigue. Since you started taking half of the calories you need, your body uses proteins, which it takes directly from your muscles. That's why you start losing muscle mass, even if you're exercising every day. Therefore it can be said that you do lose weight, but at the expense of muscle mass and water.

After three days, your brain has entered a starvation mode and now devours ketones, an energy that comes from fat burning. Ketones work, but they are something like a poor quality gasoline; As a result, you will most likely feel deconcentrated, irritable, and even headaches and dizziness. Your brain also accuses the lack of amino acids, which are essential for neurotransmitters and keep your mood stable.

The proteins in your muscles break down into ammonia and uric acid, elements not recommended in your bloodstream. Now, your kidneys work at maximum power to detoxify you from your own ‘detox diet’. Another fact that you should keep in mind is that the high percentage of carbohydrates in the juice causes a lot of water to enter your intestines. That extra fluid in your belly will cause diarrhea.

After four days, without food to digest, your intestine feels ignored. The small hairs that cover it (responsible for the absorption of nutrients) begin to atrophy.

When you finally finish the detox plan and you eat solid food, you will notice that you have less muscle mass to burn those calories that you now eat, so that it is most likely to be transformed into fat. And the feared act appears yo-yo effect or bounce. The disproportion between fat and muscle mass alters the metabolism and makes calories much harder to "burn."

So, in other words the famous detox diets do not exist. These juices are nothing more than a commercial term that sells the idea to people that they can recover their health with minimal effort without contemplating the serious consequences it merits.

Save your money and avoid annoyance. The best thing you can do if you want to lose those extra pounds is to go with a specialist and eat a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. Try to lead an active lifestyle and sleep and rest well. Avoid excesses and do not submit to risky fashions.

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