The trick to sleep better

One in three Spaniards suffers some Sleep disorder, but only a third of them go to a specialist to treat it, according to data from the Global Dream Observatory. As in most countries, the insomnia It is the problem that affects more people in ours, with an incidence of between 20 and 30%. If you are within this population group, a new study show how you could sleep better with a simple trick. Of course, if you are part of the 10% who have chronic sleep problems, consult an expert.

It is true that it can be hard to get to sleep eight hours with the lifestyle so demanding that most people have. In addition, the use of technology also plays an important role in patterns that disturb rest, impacting physical and mental health. In short, weakening the immune system. But a study from the University of Brandeis (Massachusetts, USA) could solve this problem.

One month of research in several subjects

Researchers in the department of Psychology at the university center recruited 59 people from the Boston metropolitan area to participate between October 2015 and August 2016 in the study, which has just been published in 'Science Direct'. The sample had an average age of 49.5 years and 72% were women.

The subjects of the investigation they walked more daily and increased their physical activity in general, at the request of the study authors, during the month that the experiment lasted. Specific, they added 2,000 steps to their routine of each day, which was controlled with a smart bracelet. Likewise, the quality and duration of sleep was studied every day.

The days when study participants had more physical activity also rested better, according to the report.

At the end of the month, the results indicated that the duration of sleep, as such, was not lengthened only by increasing the daily walk, although it did show that the quality had improved, especially in women.

"The days the participants had greater physical activity also rested better ", The study points out. "The results suggest that the low impact physical activity It is positively related to sleep, more in women than in men. The results also showed that exercise plays a more important role in predicting sleep quality than duration, "the report notes.

Experts in psychology at the American university conclude that "the recommendation to increase the steps every day could be a viable way to improve sleep".

Japanese tricks to sleep well

And if increasing your physical activity doesn't help you sleep better, Stanford University Doctor Seiji Nishino, a Japanese who has been researching about sleep for 30 years, could have the keys so that we can reconcile with the sheets.

The Japanese teacher recommends Take a bath 15 minutes before bedtime to increase the skin temperature, since between sleep and wakefulness there is a fundamental difference that lies in the changes in the internal temperature of the body. When sleeping, the degrees decrease due to the low activity of the organs; when we are awake, they increase.

On the other hand, instead of wrapping yourself in layers, it is recommended to use a breathable pajamas and adjust the room temperature to make it comfortable but slightly cooler. Mind you, whatever you do, don't sleep with your socks on.

Keep a constant sleep environment can also be key. The first night away from home in an unknown environment (on a trip, in a foreign house …) has caused you lack of sleep or stun on waking up? In an environment you don't know, the brain tends to maintain a certain level of wakefulness to protect us from predators and unforeseen events.