The trick & # 039; wellness & # 039; Justin and Hailey Bieber practice as a couple to feel better

Right now they are one of the most media marriages of the moment: Justin Bieber is in full promotion of his latest album and Hailey Baldwin does not stop starring in campaigns in recent weeks. A frantic pace of life that is not easy to follow, so they need to take care of their health as much as possible to fulfill their commitments. All this was explained in an American environment: “My husband is very aware of his health and me too. But he acts on stage, which requires dancing, jumping, spending a lot of energy … It's something hard for his body. ”

That is why the singer follows some “wellness” routines that he practices with his wife and that have helped them in several aspects. "We connect a lot when it comes to health and our well-being," says Hailey. “He helps me take care of my body and vice versa. We have also shared the same chiropractor and several experts for years. ”

And what exactly is the exercise that has helped Justin Bieber to reduce anxiety and improve your vocal techniques? Well, something as simple as breathing, a gesture that the model believes has not only served her career, has also been beneficial for her mental health. “He has taught me a lot about deep breathing, something he practices to be more aware of his voice,” he clarifies. "We lead such a busy life that sometimes we forget how important it is to breathe and practice it intentionally."

An exercise that is performed in disciplines such as yoga or Pilates, where it has been shown that being aware of our breathing and practicing it, can not only relieve stress and anxiety, it is also a natural detox for our body, and even helps us get fit if we combine it with the right exercise, such as Pilates postures.

Although breathing is not the only trick they have. “Stretching, going to the gym, strengthening muscles… all this is important to take care of your body. But I also visit a physical therapist often, says Hailey.

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