The tree pose (vrikshasana), basic yoga to improve your physical and mental balance: we teach you how to do it step by step

Physical balance and mental balance. This is one of the maxims of yoga, a discipline that allows you to lose weight and many other benefits. If the warrior posture helps you tone muscles or the chair pose allows you to improve your back, the one you can read in this article is from pure balance. In every sense.

It is claimed that incorporating meditation, breathing exercises, and other yoga poses into your routine can relieve stress, improve flexibility and improve health in general. Including yoga asanas (poses) in your routine such as the tree can help to strengthen the muscles of the legs and develop the stability in your body.

The final pose of this asana resembles the shape of a tree, hence the name. And it allows you to get many health benefits. In addition to strengthening your legs and opening your hips, empower your neuromuscular coordination and helps you improve balance and endurance. It also contributes to increasing the alertness and concentration.

How to do tree pose

Starting from a posture of alert, remain standing erect placing the arms at the sides of the body. Focus your gaze on a point in the front. Exhale, move your right leg up and place foot on inner left thigh. The heel should touch the perineum.

Next you have to inhale and extend your arms upwards while you join the palms of your hands. Hold the final position between three and ten breaths to finally exhale as you lower your arms. Release your right leg and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat with the left leg.

Perfect harmony

Vrksasana (or the tree pose) is considered as one of the basic balancing postures in yoga and also is among the most practiced Worldwide. It is a basic yoga asana, so it can be adapted to any age and physical condition. The purpose is to achieve a perfect internal and external balance. As with trees, the roots must keep the trunk always upright. Always in perfect harmony.

Despite being a basic posture that can be practiced by almost anyone, there are some precautions that you should know. Thus, it is not recommended for women who have knee, hip or ankle problems. And if you have hypertension problems, try not to keep your hands above your head to avoid dizziness.

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