The time of persimmon is coming – and Carlos Ríos approves it! What are its benefits?

We could say that the khaki It's THE FRUIT of winter. It is one of the most present fruits in supermarkets from late September to December. Crispy, sweet and with a texture similar to that of mango, it is the perfect contribution to any dish, from creams to salads.

Carlos Ríos is being the perfect spokesperson for this fruit, which has countless benefits and properties. And he has already fallen in love with thousands of 'realfooders' who are incorporating it into their daily diet.

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Although it has always been said that it is a fruit that 'fattens a lot' like mango or figs, the truth is that it is a food that provides about 70 calories per 100 grams, so it does not differ greatly from other fruits which provide an average of 40 or 60 calories.

What does persimmon contribute? It is a fruit that contains carbohydrates, fructose and glucose, which makes it a very nutritious and satiating food.

It is rich in fiber (one of its main benefits) and antioxidants. It contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B6, K and vitamin E. It also highlights its high content of manganese and potassium, which is why it is almost the holy grail of fruits when it comes to properties.

What recipes can be made with it?

Persimmon can be eaten alone since its sweet taste makes it a most palatable fruit, however, there are many recipes in which it can be incorporated.

Yogurt with chestnuts, pure chocolate and persimmon.

Instagram of Carlos Rios

The nutritionist Carlos Rios He has uploaded some healthy ideas to his Instagram account. With chocolate, chestnuts and yogurt a perfect combination is created for breakfast or breakfast. These are his instructions to create this recipe:

"-We will start roasting the chestnuts. The fastest option is in the microwave. To do this we make a wide cut in each chestnut and put them in a microwave-safe container. We will cook them 2 'at maximum power. If they need more time ( it will depend on the microwave) we will add 30 more seconds until they are done, let them cool and then we can easily remove the skin and peel.

– Peel and chop the persimmon.

– We put Alpro vegetable yogurt in a bowl and decorate with our toppings: roasted chestnuts, persimmon and grate an ounce of 99% chocolate on top. "

This is an option that can also be carried out with non-vegetable yogurt, but the idea that is really reaping unstoppable success in the networks is its recipe for Chocolate nustard using persimmons How?

Instagram of Carlos Rios

"Very easy: crush a persimmon (better ripe) with yogurt and add pure cocoa to taste. The persimmon brings the sweet taste and texture of" custard. "In this case I used Alpro vegetable yogurt and double the amount because I come from training – easy, fast, healthy, realfooding. Tell me in the comments ways to eat persimmons (I have a problem like 4-5 a day. "

A mix that we will definitely try!

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