The three best types of exercises to get a flat stomach and lose weight

At this time of year, let no one say that they have not exercised at home more than once. We have become true experts in bringing the gym into the home and, following the latest news about the spread of the coronavirus, There is no safer place to sweat and burn calories than in our living room or bedroom. In addition to having privacy to perform our stretches and push-ups, you can also choose from a wide range of sessions that best suit your performance or expectations.

Therefore, do not make any more excuses not to sweat and exercise and go straight towards your goal. One of the most recurring questions is how to maximize domestic space, as well as minimizing the time spent to extract all the benefits and reach your goal (in case you are looking to lose weight). And above all, select the most appropriate workouts not only to remove fat, but to transform it into muscle.

The best way to boost fat burning is simply to create a caloric deficit from physical exercise and proper nutrition.

The magazine 'Men's Journal' has selected three modalities or sessions of exercises based on these three criteria: burn fat, build muscle in the belly and improve your resistance, because in the end the most important and effective thing is knowing how to alternate different workouts in a row to get results as quickly as possible. Next, we will see some of them extracted directly from Instagram accounts.

To burn fat

"The best way to increase your potential when it comes to burning fat is simply to create a caloric deficit," he says. Wilson Fraser, personal trainer. "Most of the people think that it is necessary to begin with the diet. They believe that everything depends on the diet and after a while they begin to 'eat badly'.The problem is that drastic changes in your regimen are very difficult to maintain. "

For this reason, the 'coach' bets on an exercise routine aimed at burning all fat rather than focusing only on the diet. "The best way to start is to do both at the same time, diet and exercise." Next, we see what are the exercises that Fraser proposes.

To build abs

Eric Champ, another successful coach from the United States, is in charge of providing the key exercises that will make our abdomen begin to gain relief and build a consolidated tablet. Starting from lifting weights both sitting and standing, the 'coach' bets on determination when exercising as a basis for change. If they seem very complicated or you do not have the time or the material that it has in its publication, it is best that you opt for basic abdominal exercises.

To boost cardio

Strength exercises must be complemented with cardio to make weight loss and subsequent muscle growth much more effective. This is perhaps the easiest type of exercise to perform, as it does not require any additional equipment, just a little space to practice. This is reflected in the personal trainer who responds to the name of Dex, well known in North American social networks. Starting with a series of squats, knee raises, and rapid arm and leg movement, build a perfect cardio session that will bring you closer to meeting your fitness goals.