The ten most typical mistakes when decorating your living room and how to solve them

Decorate your house is not an easy task, you can always fall into the typical mistakes that ruin the harmony in your home. Whether you need to make it look bigger or give it a facelift, you have to choose your décor carefully to get just what you’re looking for. Today we are going to focus on the decoration of the living room, one of the central rooms of the house, since it is where we spend the most time throughout the day. That is why it is important not to commit these decorative bugs, which can give a feeling of disorder and generate visual stress. Write them down and tell us how many of these mistakes you make:

Overfilling the shelf or having it too empty

What should a bookstore carry? As its name indicates, books but keep in mind that your living room is not a library and filling the shelves is not a solution either. neither books nor decorative objects, that we know each other. Alternate your favorite books, placed both horizontally and vertically (avoid homogeneity) as pieces that you like, photo frames or even plants. Don’t forget to leave some empty holes between so many elements so that you don’t feel overwhelmed looking at your shelf.

How to order your living room shelves well. / DR

spend with the decoration

Do you remember those houses of our parents, packed with the ‘Memories of my first communion’ of all the children of their friends? or of souvenirs from Benidorm or Salou, occupying any corner of the room. Do you want to get to that? Decorating is fine, but going overboard is just as horrible as not doing it at all. Perhaps even more, because the above can be confused with the style minimalist. All those photos are very nice, but you can keep them in an album and leave only the most special in a frame. Perhaps the time has come to retire those Chinese vases that seemed so cute at the time but now say nothing about you. personality. It is not a question of throwing everything away, but a little bit of selection never hurts.

Inspirational photo of a well-decorated living room, minimalist but with personality. / DR

Having the sofa blankets and cushions in between

The blankets and cushions are not only necessary to decorate your sofa, but they are also useful for everyday use. But of course, when you have everything sleeve to shoulder, the cushions thrown and the blanket hanging from the armrest, it gives a feeling of disorder horrible. To place the blankets, one solution is to have a wicker or straw basket next to the sofa for storage or even a side table whose top lifts up, revealing a storage hole. storage very useful. And what about the cushions? The first thing is that you should have combined each other beforehand and then worry about them being in their place. We do nothing by filling the sofa with cushions if you later have them all on the floor.

Don’t have the blankets and cushions in the living room lying on the floor. / DR

Leaving the controls and chargers lying around

The television remote control, the music system, the cell phone chargers, the tablet, the helmets, the camera… we have so many electronic gadgetsIt is that, either we find a place to store them, or our living room will look like a flea market. exist handguards that you can hang the armrest of the sofa to have them all at hand or place a little tray of wood on top of a side table so that everything is collected in one place.

exposed wires

The cables are necessary, and more so now that we are surrounded by technology. But even if they are necessary, they do not need to be seen. The first thing is that, if they are very long, it is better roll them up on themselves, join them with the rest of the cables, tie them together so that each one does not go their own way and try hide them so that it does not generate visual stress.

Tricks to know how to hide cables from sight. / DR

Furniture that does not stick together… or go over combining

Have you been dragging a heavy piece of furniture of your grandmother all over your houses because you don’t want to get rid of it? It’s normal, but no matter how much sentimental value it has, if it doesn’t stick it doesn’t stick. But you can renew a little to manage to integrate it into the rest of the decoration of your home without being too out of tune. Repaint it, upholster it if it is an armchair, sand it and give it a coat of varnish…

How to combine furniture of different styles and colors in the living room. / DR

And then there is the opposite extreme, which is over combine. Do you remember in adolescence, when your aesthetic taste was questionable, that you chose the exact same color in shoes, bag, earrings, necklace and even eye shadow? Well, it’s the same, but applied in the decor. If you combine too much, the effect can be counterproductive. give it a touch different and personal With different colours, shades and even textures, it turns your living room into something original.


We each have our own odor personal and mixed those of all the members of a family, can generate the typical closed smell that is noticed in some houses. To avoid this, the first thing you have to do is ventilate but, in addition, do not forget to add to the decoration of your home some good scented candles. the aromas of lavender and jasmine are the most recommended to have a calm atmosphere but you can also opt for scents that evoke the feeling of cleaning such as white flowers, Marseille soap or white tea.

Decorate with candles to avoid the smell of closed. / DR

Distribute the furniture like crazy

Starting to place all your furniture without rhyme or reason is not a good idea. First, measure the room to decide how much furniture you can place and then keep in mind that the distribution of your living room should have easy paths to walk to be able to walk without bumping into things every two by three.

Ideas to distribute and place the furniture in the living room. / DR

Prevent the entry of light

A house luminous has half the way traveled. For this reason, no element of your living room should prevent the entrance of natural light. Not a sofa that is too tall, or curtains that are too opaque… the light should enter the room directly, so it will even seem larger. Furthermore, when night falls, it is also important to illuminate your living room with different light sources: the general one, an ambient one with lamps next to the sofa… so you can choose the intensity you require for each moment.

Good lighting will make your room appear larger. / DR

Placing a rug that is too small

It’s so bad to forget about the carpet, how to choose it wrong. If your living room is spacious and you choose a rug that is too little, it will seem that the stay is shorter than it really is. In addition, it can give the feeling that it is like a patch or that we have reused another rug from another part of the house. Ideally, you should choose a size large enough to cover all the furniture in the room.

The size of the rug should be according to the size of the room. / DR

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