The symptoms also speak: How do I know if I am pregnant?

Most sexually active women of reproductive age have ever wondered: How do I know if I'm pregnant? The reality is that there are several ways to find out, since the symptoms and signs of the first days can be revealing, but the two most effective, and therefore most used, are: pregnancy tests and blood tests.

The pregnancy test They have the particularity of being faster, since they can be bought at any pharmacy, they are available over the counter and they work in 99 out of 100 cases. However, after the test, confirming the pregnancy with a blood test will also be very important. Therefore, when going to the gynecologist for the first medical check-ups, the blood test is probably the first study that the professional asks the patient.

Pregnancy symptoms

Symptoms of a pregnant woman

Many women notice symptoms from the first days of pregnancy, others take months to have the first, and there are even some who only find out about pregnancy due to lack of menstruation. But, What are the most common symptoms of a pregnant woman?

The menstrual delay, In other words, the lack of menstruation is one of the most common. However, considering that some women are irregular, it is not always the most effective signal. Therefore, although in the absence of a period it is advisable to do a pregnancy test, it will also be necessary to pay attention to other signals from the body.

For example, there are some symptoms that during the first weeks of pregnancy can be confused with the famous premenstrual pain. One of them is the abdominal one, quite common in the early stages of pregnancy, which occurs due to changes in the anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis.

There are women who have symptoms from the first days and others who take longer to know that they are pregnant.

Another of the symptoms that is often confused is the swelling of the breasts and sensitivity, also caused by hormones but that can easily go unnoticed since it is normal to confuse it with the inflammation of the bust that many women suffer before or during the arrival of the period.

In addition, although it is less frequent, there are women who before the arrival of menstruation feel extremely tired and with a lot of headache. This symptom is also compatible with pregnancy due to the hormonal changes typical of the beginning of conception.

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Abdominal pains can be symptoms of pregnancy and are due to hormonal changes.

Other signs of a pregnant woman: nausea

Another of the most famous symptoms of pregnant women is nausea. These appear mainly due to the changes that the body goes through during the first trimester, such as hormones, the stretching of the uterus and the relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract. Everything causes the stomach to suffer and cause discomfort that can include anything from dizziness to vomiting.

However, nausea is not as common during the first days of pregnancy. Surely, it will be a symptom that will appear after the lack of menstruation or other signs such as extreme fatigue or abdominal swelling.

Other symptoms:

– Frequent urge to urinate, which occurs because the blood flow that circulates through the body is much greater and then the kidneys have extra work.

– Increased sensitivity to odors, a symptom that, like most others, is totally hormonal and appears frequently during the first days, with the first changes in the woman's body.

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Dreaming about being pregnant: meaning

For> dreaming of a pregnancy (wanted or unwanted) is synonymous with changes that are coming. Therefore, the dream says that you have to pay special attention to what is to come.

During the search for a baby, dreaming of a pregnancy can be recurrent since it is a thought that is present all the time in the head of the man or woman who dreams it, even if it is unconsciously. In those cases, perhaps the dream does not have a clear meaning, but is an expression of worry or anxiety that is spinning in the unconscious.

Do you know other ways to know if you are pregnant?

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