The spring deco trends with which you will make your house look bigger and more welcoming

Spring has officially begun, and although this year we have received it with cold and rain, the warmth of the new season is noticeable in the environment and that is reflected, of course, in our home. Spring it is synonymous with renewal, optimism, new beginnings. It is a complete reset and that is also reflected in the trends with which we will decorate our house. Cheerful colors full of life, movement and light are the undisputed protagonists of this new stage, which is wrapped in wood and natural elements and opts for styles such as cottage, mid-century modern or a revival of the 70s to create very cozy environments that, in addition, will manage to provide the different spaces of your house with greater amplitude.

Cottage style: back to the country

The cottage style or cattagecore will continue to reign this spring. Inspired by the houses of the English countryside, it calls for a simpler, more natural and calmer life (that’s why it started to be a hit during the pandemic) and a commitment to rustic airs with romantic touches, to wood and natural fibres, to whites. and earthen ones with pastel and green brushstrokes, for the light, for the vintage pieces with history. It is an escape to the countryside, even if it is from the heart of the city.

Mid Century Modern, curved furniture and revival of the ’70s

This curved sofa costs 1,790 euros at Westwing.

« Decorate with furniture with rounded and soft shapes that is inspired by the Mid Century style or the 60s and 70s is one of the strongest trends for this spring-summer 2022«, Westwing experts tell us. Kidney-shaped sofas, armchairs and poufs with organic silhouettes, medallion chairs… »Pieces designed to create modern and glamorous environments which, in addition, combined with antiques (another of the great trends of the season) add character and sophistication to the space«. In addition, these silhouettes manage to blend in with the space, endow it with movement, and thus make the rooms in which they are located seem more spacious visually.

What colors and patterns are in decoration this spring

Spring is synonymous with color and this year, above all, the chromatic explosion will mark the deco trend, combining the calmest neutral tones such as white with nuances, sand or gray (capable of provide light and expand spaces) with a natural palette that draws from the countryside (ochres, greens) and the sea (with blues) and that reaches its peak in vibrant tones such as bright yellow, electric blue, the most intense pinks, lime green, red or the orange.

As for the prints, the traditional flowers that always rule in spring come in all their versions, from the most maximalist and opulent to subtle and romantic liberty-inspired designs. But this season they have to share the limelight with another print that offers us a return to the past: the geometric one, which in an almost artistic conceptual game transports us fearlessly into the psychedelia of the ’70s.

Furniture and decorations from El Corte Inglés to copy the deco trends of spring / The English Court

Wood, PET fibers and rustic materials

The clear commitment to the natural and one increasingly sustainable awareness They guide us when choosing the materials that will shape the furniture and textiles that will reign in our home this spring. Wood is the absolute protagonist, especially in its more rustic versions, with untreated finishes, and coexists with other natural fibers such as rattan, jute or wicker, but also with some synthetic but recycled ones, known as PET, made from reused materials that take on a second life. Together with them, ceramics and terracottas, porcelain or clay give shape to the ornaments that will put the icing on the cake of your spring home decoration; and organic cottons, to textiles capable of transforming spaces for very little.

Flowers and plants to fill your house with life

Deco ideas from El Corte Inglés.

Life in spring looks outside. It is time to start preparing the garden or terrace to enjoy these spaces to the fullest, but plants and flowers will also fill your house with spring from the doors inwards. Here we tell you how to care for the best varieties for indoors, and beyond the freshness they provide and their ornamental power, bet on them to add color, light and spaciousness to spaces. Believe us, there is never too much greenery in a house.