The solution of your illnesses can be in your kitchen

Antacid. If the stomach does not give you respite, before going to the first aid kit prepare a potato juice with the blender and add a teaspoon of liquid extract from aloe vera. Potatoes contain a highly effective antispasmodic enzyme and aloe combines bactericidal action with the ability to reduce the acid pH of the stomach.

Anti-inflammatory. If the air conditioner has come to your life accompanied by sore throat, try diluting it in a glass of hot water two tablespoons of apple vinegar bio and gargle with this mixture. You will calm the pain thanks to the acetic acid that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to add efficiency, add thyme.

Honey against pain

If your legs or joints tend to hurt you rosemary honey and the turmeric they can help you. Dilute five tablespoons of the spice in 125 g of honey, put the mixture in a pot and let it macerate in the dark for a week. Take one teaspoon of this mixture daily before breakfast.