The snow and cold feet are here in bed & hellip; Is it good to sleep in socks? Does wearing socks to bed make us sleep better or worse?

We know the benefits of sleeping naked, those of melatonin, those of drinking hot milk before going to bed, even those of certain infusions that are a saint's hand against sleepless nights, but what can we say about our bedding ? Apart from change sheets often and choosing a pajama according to the temperature of the room remains a small detail to resolve: when it's cold,it is better to sleep with or without socks? Science has wondered the same thing and some studies suggest that the team with the sock wins by a landslide.


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If you want to fall asleep fast, better lie down with socks

Regulation of body temperature is one of the foundations of sleep. To be able to fall asleep the body needs a very specific temperature one to two degrees below the temperature that maintains the body when it is awake. Even if you don't notice it, your temperature is higher in the morning and decreases little by little throughout the day, a process regulated by circadian rhythms that help you feel sleepy and want to go to bed.

Unfortunately, the female thermoregulatory system is more sensitive than the male one and this factor, together with others that can cause cold in the extremities and common in women (such as wearing tight shoes during the day or suffering from anemia), makes many of us go to bed with frozen feet, and of course, there is no way to fall asleep.

If it is ruled out that the person does not suffer from any disease that justifies those icy feet, it is time to agree with comfort and just as we have embraced cozy clothing as a 2021 trend, we have to give up warm and fluffy socks to fall asleep when it is cold. A study conducted by the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience found that people who go to bed with clean socks fall asleep earlier than even those who take a warm bath before going to bed.


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In addition, the use of socks in bed has also been associated with a fewer hot flashes in menopausal women and even an article from 2005 stated that couples who slept with socks had more orgasms … although it was a study with only 13 couples, so it is better to stay with the other data that interests us: if you are cold, put on socks and you will sleep better.

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