The simple habits that you can copy to Marie Kondo to organize your day to day

Marie Kondo has transformed thousands of closets around the world and turned the traditional way of organizing the house upside down. His books have sold millions of copies and he has become a true order guru, It has even appeared on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015 in Time magazine. His daily routine is based on basic actions that report harmony, serenity and calm around him and these are the 5 habits that you can copy to better organize your day to day.


Good Morning!

When getting up with the new day Marie renews the house air by opening the windows to let in fresh air, thus the energy does not stagnate and remains in motion creating harmony and peace in the home. Then burn incense to maintain good energy at home and with this ritual begins that daily challenge.

Pray daily for the health of your family and your work environment and renew your desire to do everything you can during the day. You always dress, even if you are going to work at home, and makes the bed to make the bedroom look tidier.

Kondo proposes to start the morning with comforting gestures and to bring us happiness like a shower, listen to music or have an infusion or a delicious breakfast. All this ritual of course goes hand in hand to thank your house and your belongings for the service they are giving, she is of the opinion that being grateful makes you be in harmony with your surroundings and therefore makes you feel greater well-being.


Make lists for everything

When Marie sits down in the morning at her desk, she starts writing her day's tasks, including any activity, simple or unimportant (even picking up and folding clothes!), So you have a global vision of your workload and the time you can spend on each task. Once you finish tasks, mark them as finished and see those verifications in your notebook at the end of the day make you feel that you have spent your time well and give you a sense of well-being and control over your day.


Share tasks

Marie explains that when she married she began to share with her husband a spreadsheet with the housework to be done and when one was finished it was marked as done. Her husband sent her thank you notes when she marked a task as done, we want to believe that she did and does the same with him. Having that established routine before having children they had it much easier to include all the new obligations that were generated as parents.

Whether you have a partner, roommate or partner or co-workers, Kondo says that sharing tasks is a very productive habit, another thing is to integrate that custom into the day to day, but everything is to get right?


Clear your mind

One of the customs that Marie Kondo has to recover the focus and return to focus and order your thoughts is to write everything that goes through your head on paper. Concerns, feelings … so you can identify and name things, clarify some problems and be clear whether or not you can control some emotions or solve certain situations or not. He sets an example, when his daughters wake up late at work hours before he got angry but recognizing that he is out of his control helps him calm that feeling. When he is overwhelmed and needs to rest, he puts everything aside and starts cleaning because keeping his hands occupied helps him find the stillness and serenity he needs. Can we emulate this?


Create a nighttime routine

Marie finishes working around 6:00 pm and that is when she focuses on spending quality time with her children. They have dinner with family, sometimes inviting friends. Read stories to her two daughters before bedtime and once they fall asleep she takes the opportunity to change the water to the flowers of her house and water the plants, a task that says it doesn't take more than 10 minutes.


Put everything back in its place and thank the objects for the service they have given during the day. Finally, before bedtime, put essential oils in a diffuser, usually lavender or Japanese cypress (hinoki), to relax your senses and better fall asleep. This is how Marie Kondo's day ends. Do you think you could copy these five habits?

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