The signs that you're going to have Alzheimer's disease and you don't realize

Among the most serious pathologies, there is no doubt that azheimer stands out. This degenerative disease affects not only to the health of those who suffer it, but to its closest environment. Like all, a timely detection is essential, only perhaps in this time between it appears and is diagnosed should be less to alleviate as much as possible the serious effects it causes in the patient.

One of the most advanced areas of Alzheimer's research is to treat those who show early signs with medications that can decrease the production of beta-amyloid, a set of proteins that group together to form harmful plaques in the brain. Scientists believe that these are beginning to form at least 10 years before it develops any obvious symptoms of Alzheimer's.

If you are aware that your memory fails, it means that your brain is still struggling to access that information.

"When a person begins to be aware of their mental gaps, that is that they already have a significant neuronal loss," he explains. Laugh Sperling, Director of the Boston Alzheimer's Research and Treatment Center, to the health magazine 'The Healthy'. "We need to treat people much sooner." She is one of the co-authors of a 2017 study that evaluates patients who still have normal thinking and a good memory to track the signals and thus cope Early detection These are some of the doctor's conclusions:

Concern for your bad memory

Obviously, this is the first sign. If you are not yet diagnosed but you have an excessive concern about the fact that you do not forget things, you have a much better chance of getting Alzheimer's in the future. If there is a latent concern, it is for something. To get out of doubt, It is best that you undergo a neurological evaluation of your GP.

Diffuse memories of important events

You frequently forget recent conversations or even great news that shook your family life earlier this week. This feature is even more worrisome in the event that You can't even remember that you have forgotten. "If you are aware that your memory fails, it means that your brain is still struggling to access that information," says Sperling. If you are not able to remember the name of someone famous you do not have to worry, but if you remember your children's wedding …

Money problems

According to the British National Institute of Aging, if you have difficulties managing your finances, it may be a sign that Alzheimer's is waiting for you around the corner. As we turn years it is normal to have some memory gap, but If you have always used the same codes to access your bank account, something is wrong. "When I talk to my patients, I always ask who pays the bills," says Sperling. Logically, if this happens to you or you have a family member with this problem, it is best to put everything in the hands of a trusted person, as it could lead to ruin.

Get lost while driving

Very relevant when detecting the disease. If you get confused or disoriented by a road that you have been doing for years, that is something is very wrong. One of the features that characterizes Alzheimer's patients is their degree of dependence on others. Y not being able to go anywhere because you get lost even in the neighborhood of a lifetime It is undoubtedly a symptom (rather than a sign) that your memory problems go beyond.

You have no interest in your hobbies

Although this sign could be a sign of other health problems such as depression, people who have always had a 'Hobbie'of a lifetime and suddenly stop doing so may also be at risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. "The brain changes caused by this disease can cause apathy, which causes people to lose motivation," says Sperling. "If a patient has never had depression or has no obvious reason to be depressed, it is a bad sign."