The signs that you're getting old and you don't even notice

Recently the actor Hugh grant spoke on his Twitter profile of his irritation With the volume levels in theaters: "Is it me or in the rooms the sound is too loud?" We are sorry to tell you, dear interpreter, that it is not so, what really happens to you is that You're getting older.

Does it happen to you too? Are there things you used to see normal and now you bother regularly? Quiet all we age, but the sooner you accept it and assume reality, the smaller the fall. Every day they contribute to that process and in fact as you are reading this, your body continues to move towards that dreaded stage of the life.

Surely you think you're a cool, modern guy who you have the clearest ideas that the people around you, that you are more fit, you will even have Facebook, WhatsApp and possibly Twitter (the Instagram thing is a bit remote, right?) and you will think that you are up to date with the life and society in which you move but are you sure there is no some things that squeak and that younger people don't care so much?

Too much trouble

We no longer tell you that the sound of a movie seems to be very loud, but if you are one of those who go to the movies and can not stand for others to whisper or make a lot of noise with food there is something that makes a difference with someone ten years younger . With 30 you will also be angry that people do it, but the difference is that now you will go to the person in charge of the room to complain and have them kicked out of the establishment. Not only that, the movies are endless, or not? And let's not talk about canned laughs from the series: they put you in a bad mood.

An unequivocal signal that you get older is that every time someone proposes you a plan, you end up responding "in the end I was fried on the couch"

In addition, the partying on days like Christmas, New Year or designated dates where there are crowds, overwhelms you. Before what you wanted was fuss, fun and the more people better, but now you run away from those stories. The truth is that you have become more of a blanket, series or movie and when 00:00 arrive you become Cinderella and You want to run home. Nothing happens, but it is a reality.

You have problems with the light. Yes, you used to read anywhere, but now you have become photosensitive. Sometimes you think a room is too bright, sometimes the restaurant you have been going to for years has the light too low. Before it was cozy and romantic, now it is dark and scary. The thing is that you are more interested in what you are going to eat, so much that you want to see the dish well.

Habits and education

That many people do not have an iota of manners, we agree. But recognize that your patience has also been diminishing over the years. We're not telling you that you can't feel upset with someone who he takes his music at full volume in the subway, but if a person with helmets sits next to you and the simple sound of his music despairs you, age is something that is feeling very bad for you.

That you think you are a cool, modern guy, with clear ideas, fit or have Facebook and WhatsApp does not make you look younger

Before you you left that disc or movie to anyone and if they didn't give it back, it didn't matter, but now it's something else. You have become an intolerant with those kind of people who borrow something from you and mysteriously they never remember to bring it. Relax, nothing happens, with education you get everywhere, ask for it as many times as you need and don't go crazy.

Is it saturday or Sunday and at 9:30 you are already up? This is another sign that you are aging fast. Science has often studied the reason why as we get older we begin to sleep less. Congratulations, you are already a gentleman. And if every time someone proposes you a plan you are one of those who respond "In the end I was fried on the couch", there is no turning back. Live happily dear reader and remember that"time passes very fast".