The signs that you do not take into account that you have a health problem

We believe invincible and we think that The diseases they are things of the others. Until we do not have a health problem we do not realize how truly fortunate we are when we are healthy. For that reason, sometimes our body gives us some signals that we overlook, and that mean something it does not work as it should.

You can floss, sleep more than 8 hours and go to the gym every day and still suffer some of these symptoms. As knowledge it is power, better to be forewarned. You feel identified with any of these?

Chronic neck pain

Sometimes, that pain can reach the temples or to the upper and lower parts of the back. You just get used to living with it. The fact that you have to be in the job eight hours a day does not mean, as the doctor explains Leon Turetsky in 'Best life', that you have to take a Unhealthy lifestyle rhythm.

Back and neck pain is caused by muscle knots. Instead of forgetting about them, the best thing you can do is try to sit up straight during the workday or, better yet, get up from time to time to to stretch.

You are losing hair

(More than usual). If lately you notice that they stay many hairs on the comb or in the shower It could be a subtle symptom that you lack a protein in your diet. It is more important than you could imagine at first glance, because, if it is not treated, it can lead to Chronic fatigue or to a deterioration of the system immunological. Eye and go to the doctor if you think it is important.

You are always thirsty

Wanting water after a very intense workout is normal. But, what if you need a glass when you're sitting quietly at work? Maybe it's a little less common. Excessive thirst It can be an indication of a sugar imbalance in the blood.

Weak, yellow, brittle or dark nails can mean you have a serious health problem

In other words, sometimes it's an early sign of insulin dysregulation or even diabetes, so if you're thirsty and not just for knowledge, go to your doctor header.

How do you have your nails?

If you want to see how your health is, look at them. They manifest many of our health problems. If the notes weak, yellowish, brittle, dark… it can mean many things, but the changes in them are related to diet or bad habits, like smoking. It can also be an early sign of problems in the circulation.

I smell your breath

It is not always a sign of what you have eaten. It is often associated with the gingivitis, a generally oral disease bacterial that causes inflammation and bleeding from the gums. Maybe when you brush your teeth This happens to you often but you do not consider it a big problem. However, according to the latest studies, there is a relationship between poor oral health and heart diseases, so a visit to the dentist it never hurts

You lose weight

Alarmingly and without any diet. It might seem like anyone's dream now that summer comes, but it should only be celebrated when it is intentional. If not, it may be associated with diabetes, heart failure or cancer, for what you weigh assiduously.

Swollen ankles

Many people suffer after a long flight, but if it happens to you often or daily maybe you should start paying attention. A heart that does not work well may not pump blood properly, and swollen feet or ankles may be an early sign that the most important muscle in your body does not work as it should.

You have canker sores

Maybe it's due to stress or a weakened immune system, but there are people who suffer from thrush all the timeand they are terribly painful. Not only that, sometimes they can be less harmless what they look like If they do not heal in more than three weeks they may indicate that you have mouth cancer.

The accompanying symptoms in this case include loose teeth, mouth and ear pain, or white and reddish spots in the buccal cavities. Be careful, the prevention It is important.

Watch your eyes

Do you have vision problems? I ask you while I stick my pupil in your blue pupil, And dry eyes? Can not you drive well at night? All this requires that you go to the doctor. Even a slight yellow color in the white areas of your eyes is something you should consider. Could be a signal that there is an underlying problem related ton the liver, pancreas or gallbladder.