The side effect of the keto diet: you lose weight quickly but …

You have heard of it thousands of times and even, perhaps, have decided to carry it out to lose a few kilos. Anyway, if you are still a little fish, we will refresh your memory: the keto diet is that plan that is based on the intake of foods rich in protein and fat and the carbohydrate and sugar restriction with the aim of generating a situation of "ketosis" –excess ketones in the blood– similar to fasting.

He discovered it in 1921 the endocrine Henry Rawle Geyelin and, although it is not without controversy because it is low in carbohydrates and high in fat, the result translates into a calorie burning and relatively rapid weight loss compared to a traditional diet. "For 100 days I did the keto diet", "I lost 36 kilos thanks to this regime", we see countless articles related to the topic in which many people seem to have reached the ideal weight and be very happy thanks to the keto. However, can it also cause problems?

The secundary effects

The most famous diet of this decade It also has, unfortunately, cons. The state of ketosis we talked about before is complicated to maintain, and once it is achieved, the body can react in strange or even painful ways. If you're hypochondriac maybe you should stop reading, because on the Reddit website they have openedor dozens of threads of people who ask for help because they have started the regime and have noticed the side effects.

According to the latest study, there is a link between ketosis and a rash known as prurigo pigmentoso, although other factors intervene

"I noticed a rash on the left chest three days after starting, "says, for example, a user." By day 14 he had advanced and had it in the neckline, neck and even in the neck, in the hairline. It was terribly painful, he felt an insistent itch and was very irritated, he looked terrible. "He was not the only person, another writes a similar situation:" I am starting to develop scabs and blisters and they hurt a lot. I have to wear sleep gloves because I can't scratch myself. "

"I spent years trying to overcome insecurities and decided try the keto so I can do it, "says another." Now I have a totally different problem and I can't show the skin. I have horrible marks on the chest, shoulders, neck or back. "

Pigment prurigo

Why does this happen? It is a condition that is known as pigment itching. According to the latest studies, there is a clear relationship or link between ketosis and this rash, although others are also involved factors such as sunlight, heat, sweating or allergens, which can make the disease worse, as notedThe Daily Mail'.

The keto diet is not the only one with which this condition can suffer. Diabetes or anorexia nervosa or even fasting can produce the same effects. A 2018 study showed that you can alleviate by eating a lot of carbohydrates (in other words, leaving the keto). Other options, such as topical creams and anti-inflammatory medications, may temporarily relieve symptoms, but if you do not give up the diet, the rash is likely to return with full force once you stop using them.

However, doing the keto diet is not synonymous with what will happen. But you should know that there are risks that can happen if you decide to carry it out. That is why, whenever you want to start a new regimen, you should check with your GP first to know all possible contraindications.