The shower of cold water against the one of hot water: the verdict

Surely you have ever thought about it: what is better showering with cold or hot water? Which of us reports higher Benefits? It is true that one with a low temperature sometimes is not everyone's taste because even in summer most prefer to have a thermal sensation similar to that of their body.

So? Which one should we choose? Everything depends on what you want to achieve. If you put the temperature between 34 and 38 degrees You will get a relaxing effect, it helps to alleviate muscular pains and combats insomnia or tension headaches, but it is not better to cure colds, flu or decongest the respiratory tract. Y it does not open your pores as it is normally attributed.

Give yourself one with cold water In the middle of winter it can be considered a fact of courage. In these icy months, most mortals at least once a day prefer to wash with hot. However, the trend is changing since the multiple benefits of getting into a bathtub at low temperatures.

Although the one who already does it creates a pro, it is not. The use of cold water or hydrotherapy was already used centuries ago by the doctor of Ancient Greece, Hippocrates. Most studies of exposure to cold involve the Immersion of the patient in water at low temperature, but there are also alternative methods of cold water therapy, such as cold baths and showers, that seem to have similar effects.

Does it help to lose weight?

One study found that those who showered with ice water had a 29% less diseases, like a cold, than those who did not. But in addition to having many benefits it is possible that affect your metabolism. Like the influence of fiber intake or sleep quality, the water temperature also affects you. Do not go so fast. You will not lose three kilos for taking a shower, but according to the gastroenterologist and internist Niker Sonpal, When your body is cold you must increase your temperature to warm up, which requires energy (burning calories) and leads to better weight control.

Dermatologists say it's better to shower with warm water, but the Navy Seal says you should start with hot and finish with frost

"Showers with high temperatures are excellent for relaxing muscles, but they are not useful or harmful to the metabolism.After meals, try to wait at least an hour before going to the shower. can slow digestion since the blood flows to other parts of the body, "explains the expert.

What is preferable?

Surely virtue is in the "fair middle ground", he said Aristotle. Many dermatologists recommend that the water be warm, at about 30 degrees, but then will we get the same benefits? Can you do something? Yes. You must start with hot and finish with frost. Why? This is the technique used by the Navy Seal for their hard workouts.

Shower with active cold water and accelerate your metabolism. Low temperatures make your body need energy and burn calories

Clint Emerson, a former US soldier, says that "although it may seem torture, it is a therapy that keeps you healthy, reduces the inflammation of your joints, vasoconstricts your entire body and allows you to move forward, probably without any injury. "In fact, an investigation published in 2016 in 'PLOS One' gave, to some extent, the reason to the defenders of cold water jugs in the first hour in the morning.

After analyzing what happened with 3,000 participants who had taken hot showers that ended with a touch of cold water, they came to the conclusion that they were taking 29% fewer days of sick leave. However, it is not that they were less bad, but that they used to go to work more frequently even when they felt bad. Why? The researchers suggested that it could be because they were more accustomed to experiencing a sense of body discomfort. In addition, participants who took a cold shower tended to show higher levels of energy in their day to day.