The serious health dangers of not going for a short walk every day

A sedentary lifestyle remains one of the most common risk factors behind diseases such as obesity or diabetes. Not moving for long periods of time can lead to worse cardiovascular health, plus not getting some exercise our serotonin and dopamine levels will be low, so it will also end up taking a toll on our mental health.

Last year was the most time we spent at home in our entire lives. Many decided to use their willpower and do workouts at home so as not to stop doing physical activity despite being confined. But the figures are not good at all. A leading study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that only in the first 30 days of the pandemic there was a decrease of 27.3% on average in the steps taken by 455,404 people located in 187 countries.

One study found that it only takes a half-hour walk a day to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%

More than ever, and now that there are no longer such strict restrictions, it is necessary to catch up with our workouts again to enjoy a healthy life. In case you don't pick up momentum, you expose yourself to many health problems that we will see below from a selection from the magazine 'Eat This Not That'.

Shortens life

A 2019 study by the European Society of Cardiology found that sedentary behavior over a 20-year period could double the risk of premature death. No need to kill abs for hours, actually just take a little walk in the fresh air every day. Apart from this study, there was another published in 2012 that found that sitting less than three hours a day could increase a person's life expectancy by up to two years.

Worse cardiovascular health

A 2012 research published in the prestigious 'The Lancet' showed that physical inactivity leads to about 6% of all heart disease cases, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. It is evident that sitting, lying or standing for so long does not do your heart any good, so go outside and enjoy a pleasant walk so that the most important organ of the entire human body continues to pump fully functioning.

Increased risk of getting cancer

Although this dreaded disease has multiple causes, a sedentary life does not help at all when it comes to preventing it. Along with vices such as tobacco and alcohol, cancer can also be caused by lack of physical activity. Specifically, the breast. Research published in 'Recent Results in Cancer Research' found that those women who exercised more had a 25% lower risk of developing this condition than those who did not do any physical activity.

And type 2 diabetes

A 2016 study published in the 'World Journal of Diabetes' showed that it only takes a half-hour walk a day to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%. Even another study published in 'Medicine and Sport Science' revealed that those who led a too sedentary life could increase the risk of suffering it by 112%. Therefore, What are you waiting for to put on your shoes and go out for a good walk in fresh air?