The secrets to living up to 114 years old, according to a woman who has fulfilled them

Only a handful of people resist long enough to earn the title of supercentenary, people who live beyond the 110 years. This week, Alelia Murphy he celebrated his 114th birthday. He was born on July 6, 1905 (when Theodore Roosevelt he was president and Albert Einstein proposed his theory of relativity) and is the oldest woman living in the US, according to 'The New York Post'.

Friday night he celebrated his surprise party in the building of the State Office of Harlem with a yellow dress, a corsage (typical American floral ornament), white lace gloves, bag and tiara, very similar to the outfits of the teen program 'My sweet 16'.

Even if you are in a wheelchair because your knees fail a lot, your heart rate, blood pressure, communication and general well-being are still relatively healthy. Their mental faculties Also, what is your secret?

Aging well

"He told me that he has lived so long because he believes in God and knows how to take good care of people," he explained. Natalie Mhlambiso, one of your nurses. "She's still a fighter and she spends a lot of time aloneWhen he needs it, he asks for it. Further, he likes to sleep"he added.

But what is the formula to achieve it? Eat and drink well, do not drink alcohol, stay active and sweets. "He does not like water and prefers soft drinks, ice cream and chocolate," says his nurse. Murphy has lived in Harlem since the 1920s, but was born in North Carolina in an era when processed foods did not yet exist.

"There are many good patients, but she is different in temperament, knows perfectly who she is and has many things clear. He is a special person. At his age, this is weird. This is history, "he continues. He is the eighth oldest person in the world, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which uses the Guinness Book of World Records to help verify this data. Only five Japanese and two French are above him.

The chosen ones

There are only 33 people in the world who exceed 110 years. All are women and 14 of them (including the oldest, Kane Tanaka, 116) live in Japan. In Spain, longevity is a growing phenomenon and it has only just begun. At the end of the next decade, more than 100,000 Spaniards, according to some population projections, will be able to celebrate 100 years of life. The truth is that although we live longer, many of those additional years are characterized by a multitude of health problems and chronic conditions.

The aging It is a problem worldwide. It is estimated that the number of people aged 65 or older will be 17% by 2050, a proportion that is currently 8.5%.