The secrets of the diet of Icaria, the Greek island of longevity

They have been detected, in certain points of the planet, areas in which its inhabitants have much longer lives and with physical capabilities superior to those of the rest of the world populations. These areas have been called blue zones and one of them is the Greek island Icaria. If you could already know the Okinawa diet to achieve a longer and fuller life, do not miss the Mediterranean diet of the inhabitants of Icaria, will they have the long-awaited secret of eternal youth?

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Icaria, the island of long and healthy life

Icaria is a small and beautiful island of the Aegean Sea, near the coast of Turkey, which has become hopelessly famous for the health and longevity of its inhabitants. That leap to fame came thanks to a demographic study that was reflected in Dan Buettner's book "The Blue Zones" in which 5 regions were identified as the areas where the inhabitants who lived the most and best lived were. These were Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa Island (Japan), Loma Linda (California), Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica) and the Greek island Icaria.

In Icaria there is a remarkable percentage of nonagenarians and centenarians in a very good state of health which has earned him the name of the blue zone. Of course we want to know what diet its inhabitants follow to get in such good shape for so many years and what is their lifestyle in general.

The secret of longevity

It seems that there are certain things in the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Icaria that are repeated as a pattern and that surely they are decisive when living such long lives and with an enviable state of health.

They are governed by circadian rhythms, they wake up naturally with daylight and rest at sunset. After working in the mornings in their gardens or orchards they make a late lunch and do not forgive the nap, that gesture so ours and that so many benefits it has, now yes, 100% proven. Napping significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease so do not think twice and, if you have a chance, take a nod to live longer.

Icaria residents love to keep busy and also get very involved in the life of the community, their family, friends and neighbors. They don't leave it for another day, they see each other and have close and close relationships with theirs. They live in a privileged natural environment and avoid stress above all, they also remain sexually active for many years! And, of course, there is no lack of daily physical exercise in their routines, especially you walk around the island and do not stop moving throughout the day.

What diet do you follow in Icaria?

The islanders of Icaria drink a lot of water but especially in the form of traditional infusions of the region. They hardly consume sugar, nor refined flour, nor do they eat practically meat and yet their diet is very rich in vegetables, goat milk and extra virgin olive oil, the main protagonist of their diet along with vegetables, fruits and legumes.

Too They are great lovers of wine and coffee, and both products are loaded with antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals, responsible for premature cell aging. They do not take ultraprocessed and the vegetables they consume come from their own lands, from their gardens and from their orchards so healthier impossible.

Another one of the foods that usually eat in the icariana diet is sour bread, a type of bread with a good dose of beneficial and healthy probiotics and sourdoughThis way they take care of their intestinal health and their microbiota, keeping diseases away and maintaining a fabulous state of health.

Icarians respect their mealtime very much, they take care of what they eat, the way they eat it and who they eat it with, That is why it is normal to see them enjoy a good homemade meal with quality products and in the company of their neighbors, family and friends. Sharing seems to be one of the secrets of eternal youth. Do you want to follow the lifestyle guidelines of these long-lived islanders? Surely you can not implement all but some of them can make a difference in your life and why not? Give your life a few more years to enjoy the best company.

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