The secret of Chenoa’s wasp waist is in the hypopressive abs

Chenoa She had always paid attention to her physique, but confinement changed her and her exercise routine began to be more intense, which led her to show off iron abs. Thus we have been able to see her showing off a flat stomach wherever she goes and we have finally been able to know how she achieves it. The singer has published on her Instagram account her session of hypopressive, an exercise that actress Hiba Abouk took up to recover from the birth of her first child. Do you want to see how she does it? Attention:

Hypopressive exercises are a method created by the French doctor Marcel Caufriezwhose research has determined that traditional sit-ups, in certain situations, can cause or aggravate problems with urinary incontinence due to the excessive pressure that is generated when performing them. Therefore, hypopressive abdominal gymnastics causes an isometric contraction of the deep abdominal muscles without exerting pressure and activating the abdominal muscles. pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle.

Doing them correctly you not only get tone up the muscles of the abdomen and reduce the perimeter of the waist, as you see in Chenoa, but you also manage to improve the position and are indicated to prevent hernias and increase the metabolism up to 15%. Traditional sit-ups only improve the rectus musculature of the abdomen, but hypopressives manage to strengthen the deep abdominals: oblique and transverse, so they are ideal for achieving the wasp waist of the singer. And why are they ideal for postpartum women? Because it strengthens the muscles of the vagina, bladder, anus and rectum, preventing the appearance of urinary incontinence and improving the tone of the muscles of the perineum.

How to do hypopressive exercises?

There are many postures to successfully perform hypopressive sit-ups, but they are all based on the same thing: getting the apnea respiratory. And how is it achieved? We explain it to you:

1. First make several breaths normal.

2. In the last one, after expelling all the air and without taking any more, open the ribs bringing the navel up and in.

3. It is important to hold the position minimum 10 secondsif possible about 20 and not lose posture, placing special emphasis on maintaining the sensation of self elongation (keep the spine completely straight, as if we were growing because they are pulling us with a thread from the head).

When performing respiratory apnea, organs and diaphragm they go upwards, thereby reducing the pressure on the pelvic floor. This leads to activation of the abdominal girdle like this as a closure of the pelvic floor, strengthening both muscles.

You’re still in time to wear some heart-stopping absJust like Chenoa. Do you sign up for hypopressives?

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