The secret of Belén Esteban to lose weight after the excesses

The truth is that it has happened to all of us: Christmas carries excesses with it. And with them, the extra kilos, of that there is no doubt. Bethlehem Esteban He does not escape this and has shared it with his followers in a post via Instagram.

How do you face the new decade? Taking measures to get rid of weight He has won during the holidays. His trick? The artichoke.

With these words, the collaborator revealed her secret, "Bufff This Christmas, like everyone else, I have spent a little … Many companions are fans of the artichoke and have recommended it to me because it worked for them, so I go to the pharmacy I'll tell you if I'm doing as well as they do. "

And, the artichoke has miraculous powers when we talk about the fluid retention.

In tea, in pills or blisters, the artichoke is a powerful diuretic that, in addition to helping with fluid retention, also plays a decisive role in abdominal swelling, improving it and making you feel lighter. It is also a satiating food and that helps to go to the bathroom more frequently eliminating toxins.

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