The secret addresses of Bárbara Pan de Soraluce, the artist who sweeps Instagram with @losplatosdepan: decoration, design, fashion and trends to keep track of

Her imagination and her delicate pen stroke have made this painter one of the leading ceramic artists. Flowers, vegetables, fruits, marine or botanical motifs and its colorful staff are the signature of its unique tableware, which has a waiting list. Barbara Pan de Soraluce also uses his Instagram account ( @losplatosdepan, with 88,0000 followers) as a showcase for the most creative contemporary illustrators, designers or painters, thanks to its original Sunday “tutorial”.

A clothing store: Barri Twice

«It’s a classic in which I always find something to wear. I go through it every two by three. It has a very personal selection of jacket and pants sets for party, in very special fabrics and colors. The Image Consultant and Stylist Carlota Barrie he personally takes care of choosing the collections ”. Calle del General Arrando, 34, Madrid. (

A Craftsman: Abetheape

« Abraham Menendez He is a multidisciplinary artist and also the most charismatic and charming man in the world. He has a glazed ceramic stamping workshop where he works with plates, vases and also wallpapers or notebooks. On Instagram @abetheapedeco. (

A restaurant: Trattoria Sant Arcangelo

«I have a special affection for Trattoria Sant Arcangelo, which is located very close to the Botanical Garden, in Madrid, because it is where we most went as a family when my children were growing up and where, on my 50th birthday, my husband organized a surprise meal with all my friends ». Calle de Moreto, 15, Madrid. (

A deco secret: Otherlamps

«I cannot fail to mention Otherlamps, some designers that I always turn to for my lampshades. Paloma Egillor and Matilde Lladó show exquisite taste and exceptional imagination in their spectacular bespoke designs for both lampshades and wall lights ». On Instagram @otherlamps. (

A landscaper: Álvaro de la Rosa

«It is difficult to find a professional like Alvaro De la Rosa, a highly sensitive man who draws beauty from any bush and creates the most evocative gardens out of nothing. It is no coincidence that he has become one of the most sought-after landscapers in Spain ». On Instagram @alvarodelarosamaura. (

A flower shop: Floreale

“Founded by David Henríquez and Antonio Rodríguez, this store and its work are wonderful. David has saved my life on more than one occasion. It has it all: it is chic, elegant and refined. His bouquets are wonderful, but the decoration of the spaces is spectacular. On Instagram, @florealeeventos.

A hotel: Christine Bedfor

«This little hotel located in Mahón, to which I recently went, is spectacularly masterfully decorated by interior designer Lorenzo Castillo. It is surrounded by a dreamlike landscape and with an interior full of peace, and they receive you with a wonderful treatment ». (

An artist: Johina García-Concheso

«His murals of tropical or romantic landscapes, of animals and flowers, are a mixture of dreaminess and sense of humor. He has worked for private clients and in historic buildings. His works hallucinate me ». (

A place: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

“Is my favorite museum in Madrid because it always has fun exhibitions and I really like the plan of walking from home with my husband or my children on Saturday mornings. It is approachable, educational and entertaining ”. (

A trip: New York

«I am looking forward to go back to new york And have some spaghetti at the Harry Cipriani restaurant. It is a mythical place, the grandson of Harry’s Bar in Venice, and it is the meeting place for actors, writers or businessmen. It is elegant and its atmosphere is of cinema. (

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