The satiating diet: how to lose weight safely and very effectively

You know very well the problems of yo-yo diets. Maybe you lose a little weight, but when you regain it (or even gain more) it seems that the world is falling on you. Low-calorie diets do not have a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats, so you do not feel full enough with them and you tend to fail.

So are the keto diet, the Paleo or the Whole30, of which we have spoken frequently in this section. However, the satiating diet is totally different and nothing restrictive. It has the perfect combination of three essential macronutrients, as indicated by expert in nutrition and diet Bonnie Taub-Dix (creator of the website) in 'Prevention': "Think of proteins, carbohydrates and fats as three legs of a table, support each other and make you feel balanced."

What is it?

Summer is coming and despair for show off a kind of ten in the pool knocks on our door. This can be a healthy and beneficial solution. It is a hybrid of the keto diet and the mediterranean, having the best of each one. As I'm sure you already know, the second one is considered one of the healthiest in the world, because its nutritional variety provides diversity of antioxidants and protective substances.

In the case of keto, we refresh your memory one more time: it focuses on the intake of foods rich in proteins and fats and the restriction of sugars and carbohydrates with the aim of generating a situation of "ketosis" -excess of ketones in the blood- similar to fasting. Of course, focuses only on good fats.

A diet can not be restrictive because it is a lifestyle. You can not take much time eliminating food

The daughter of both, which corresponds to us today, includes foods with a high content of proteins (fish), high fiber (whole degrees) and fruits and vegetables. It also contains healthy fats from avocados and nuts and even some dairy products like yogurt. The consumption of these foods helps reduce hunger, reduce body fat, lower blood sugar, improve blood pressure and stimulate the metabolism.

Also, since there are no real restrictions, you will not have cravings. "When you eliminate groups of foods in your diet you will lose weight, obviously "indicates Taub-Dix," but you are depriving your body of something, and a plan of weightloss sustainable in the long term can not imply eliminate any food"

How do you lose weight with her?

According to a study conducted in 2017 with 34 overweight men who carried out the diet during 16 weeks lost a significant amount of weight and experienced more feeling of fullness after meals, compared to those who followed a standard diet. The conclusion was that the diet helps to lose weight because it involves eating extremely satisfying foods and also eliminates cravings. It has all the important ingredients to lose weight successfully and keep it long term.

"The best diet is not such, but a Lifestyle. You should be able to sit down and eat with your whole family and not feel guilty Therefore, "explains Taub-Dix." Many people prefer to be told what to eat, but this is not sustainable for a long time. Once you lose the kilos you must choose the right foods. "

How to start

Incorporates more lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats in your dishes. The meat can be chicken and pork, although preferably fatty fish such as salmon, tuna or mackerel. Quinoa, brown rice or oats will help stabilize blood sugar. You do not have to measure how much you have to take, because that is the magic of satiating diet.

Taub-Dix suggests that you enter your website to get ideas for dishes. Hummus toast, muffins with avocado, chicken salad … and many others that will make you mouth water. Whether you decide to carry out this plan like any other, remember that you must talk before with your general practitioner or a nutritionist in order to carry out a balanced and healthy diet and that, in addition, you must combine with physical exercise, both cardio and strength, to see the results soon.