The robbery of the century in Bulgaria: a twentysomething & # 039; hack & # 039; to (almost) the entire country

Bulgaria you just found yourself with an unexpected problem: a 20 year old has put in check a whole country from the chair of your computer. It is a person in charge of cybersecurity who, with a simple device connected to the network, has managed to have access to all the economic data of 5 million Bulgarians, an incredible fact knowing that it has seven million inhabitants. Now, the authorities are trying to understand what has failed.

It was this Tuesday when the Bulgarian police arrested a young man for allegedly being the responsible for hacking of the economic data of a good part of the active population of the country. According to the authorities, it has been able to access millions of data about people and companies, getting information about income, payments, tax returns, health insurance and status of loans granted.

The big problem, which is now being discussed by the Bulgarian government, is how a young person has been able to access such sensitive and committed data as easily, something that can even cause the The country's tax agency faces a fine of up to 20 million euros. The largest data breach in the country may have been facilitated by the lack of adequate data protection measures, which can now be very expensive for the local treasury.

According to The Guardian, the cybercriminal managed to access the data with really basic techniques, which would reveal the lack of effective security measures. The authorities assured that the investigations are still at a very early stage, but consider that this young man could have been helped by other people to get access to such an important arsenal of information. The only detainee can be sentenced up to eight years in jail.

In fact, the government authorities themselves assure that this detainee, who would be called Kristian Boykov, I would have worked in a security firm that would have taken care of study the hypothetical vulnerabilities of official systems. The lawyer of the detainee, on the other hand, defends the innocence of the young person: "He says that he is innocent and that he has no connection with the subject. Prosecutors have accused him despite a total lack of evidence", says to Reuters.

The authorities proceeded to his arrest last Tuesday, when he accessed his house located in the capital, Sofia, where they seized a series of electronic devices in which they found encrypted data, allegedly taken without permission. Now, the investigations will be directed in two senses: first, discover the reason for data theft; the second, why was it so easy to access them.

More than five million Bulgarians have seen their data compromised, practically the entire working population of the country. The most important business organization in Bulgaria has asked the Executive to send detailed and detailed information to each of the affected people with the exact data to which the hacker has had access. Thus, from the computer of his house, a young man of 20 years has put in check a whole country.