The recipe for pork cheeks in wine with which you are going to suck your fingers and surprise the whole family



Before starting to cook, at the butcher’s shop, we will have asked the butcher to leave us the cheeks very clean, without traces of external fat or webs.


Season the cheeks with salt and pepper on both sides and pass them through flour, shaking to remove the excess.


Heat a little oil in a pot, preferably wider than tall. We mark the cheeks over high heat. They do not need to be made, just sealed on the outside.


Wash the pepper, leek and carrots, peel the latter and the onion and a half and chop everything. We peel the garlic.


Poach everything in the same pot for 10-15 minutes over medium heat.


Add the red wine, preferably of the best possible quality, and let it reduce over high heat so that the alcohol evaporates.


We incorporate the cheeks and the meat broth, preferably homemade. Season with salt and pepper and cook over low heat for at least an hour and a half.


After the hour we will begin to test if they are tender and if the broth has the desirable salt and pepper. We rectify if not.


When they are tender, we take them out of the pot and crush the vegetables in a Chinese or colander.


Return the vegetables to the pot to give them a final boil and thicken the sauce, if necessary.


We serve the cheeks with the room on top.