The recipe for infallible anti-cellulite juice that also helps with stretch marks is Alessandra Ambrossio

When it comes to cellulite and stretch marks, who knows more than a Victoria's Secret angel? We believe that no one. Those beings from another world that do not have a michelin, or a stria and, of course, zero orange peel, who know a thousand and one tricks to be ideal and that, like good Samaritans, share them with the rest of the world. Because sharing is living.

We angels what is called angels, the truth that we are not (and a lot of honor) but the truth is that we carefully point out all those tricks that help us get the best version of ourselves. And when it comes to beauty and wellness tips, much more. Of Miranda kerr We learned that lemon water is no longer fashionable: now fasting apple cider vinegar has taken its place. And Ariadne Artiles taught us, last week with her weekly diet, that eating healthy and rich is not boring. Now it has been Alessandra Ambrosio the one who has jumped on the wagon of teachings with a smoothie which is prepared every morning, especially on weekends to end the fluid retention (and therefore, with the orange peel).

What does this magic concoction carry? The truth is that fewer ingredients than we expected, taking into account that normally the juices of the famous ones have a thousand and one ingredients, among which sometimes, we even find dragon powder (aka some açaí that our neighborhood herbalist will never have) .


-Green apple




The truth is that it is the first time that we see this combination and if we are honest, we love it. Celery is one of the star ingredients in any green (and famous) smoothie due to its properties. there celebrities who swear and swear that since they drink celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning Its skin and health have improved remarkably, and this vegetable hides benefits that make it a superfood: it is purifying, eliminates toxins, liquids and is anti-inflammatory. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin K, which interferes with blood clotting.


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On the other hand, the kale is also one of the horatizas that more followers has garnered in recent months (yes, more than Kanye since he wants to be President of the USA). Its benefits guarantee it: it has almost no calories, it contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and also vitamins C, E, A and K. In its composition various flavonoids are present that help maintain cholesterol and carbinol levels, which helps repair cells.

The apple contains pectin, which helps reduce cholesterol levels, and grapes, although they have a high glycemic index, are rich in antioxidants, making them the perfect ingredient for any morning juice.

The combination of these vegetables and fruits is not only healthy to start the day, but it will also help you not to retain liquids, feel less bloated and therefore, face orange peel. And for stretch marks, what? You will ask yourself. Well, the vitamin C present in these foods stimulates the production of collagen, so you will fight them from within.

What did we tell you? This juice is magical, little angel word.

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