The real reason your dog paws you

The dogs use their paws to communicate. They have evolved for thousands of years just like us, so they have an extraordinary ability to have a form of communication with humans.

There are several reasons why your dog could be putting the paw on you, according to the specialized dog magazine 'The dog clinic'. Most likely the action is related to when you are doing it, I'm probably trying to tell you something

"Listen to me"

Dogs feel good in human company. We have raised to depend on us for everything, including fun and social interaction, so they are not ashamed to let us know that they feel abandoned.

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As responsible dog owners, we must make sure your needs are met. Most likely, this behavior has also been reinforced in the past, perhaps intentionally (responding by playing with the dog) and perhaps unintentionally (looking into the eyes or laughing).

"Give me food"

Similar to the previous point, your dog could put his paw on you because he is hungry. It always amazes owners how the dogs seem to know the time! Look at your watch the next time your dog paws you and see if he's getting ahead of dinner.

Of course, most dogs would eat all day if they could. So make sure you don't respond to continuous shocks if they are related to food. If you allow your dog to decide when to feed, he could be overweight, which will affect his health.

"I feel insecure"

A raised paw in canine language can indicate that your dog is stressed. Observe the rest of their body languageAre you showing other signs of anxiety, such as lip smacking, yawning, and flat ears?

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If so, think about why they might feel this way. Has there been an argument at home? Have you lost your patience with him? Are you in a new environment? The best thing to do if you are worried is to stay positive and try to distract him from what you are thinking. A great way to do this is to play with a toy or change the environment.

"I love you"

Studies have shown that both humans and dogs release hormones to "feel good", like oxytocin, during a petting session. By putting his paw on you while you caress him, he extends the contact and mutual affection even more.