The purring of a cat could be the best medicine for physical pain

We all agree that cats are one of the most adorable things in the Universe, right? In addition to being beautiful and soft, they are one of the most loyal pets. It is not uncommon for most people to love them!

However, science has shown that cats are not only beautiful animals, but are also able to heal themselves and humans with their purr.

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The purring of cats is being used in bioacoustics – the branch of biology that studies the relationship between living organisms and sound – to reduce pain and improve the recovery of human beings after bone or muscle problems, with incredible results. This is what has been discovered so far.

The bioacoustics and the cat purr

Bioacoustics is a multidisciplinary science that combines biology and acoustics. Research in this field, particularly intense in the last 20 years, has shown that there is a strong link between acoustics and the beings that inhabit nature.

The vibrations that each living being emits, whether or not they are audible, are intended to balance the emotional and physical state. Animals have always used instinctive bioacoustics, and from the research of it is that it is beginning to develop science in humans.

In this context, it has been demonstrated that cats use their own purring as a way to heal themselves after suffering blows or accidents. Now he is analyzing the way in which he can also influence humans.

The vibration of the purr can cure

But how can he cure the purring of the cat? The answer is related to the sound vibration produced by this feline sound. The purring of a cat oscillates in a range between 20 and 140 Hz.

This may not say anything to you, but research has shown that this vibrational frequency acts on certain areas of the brain. On the one hand, it activates the neurons that release serotonin, helping notably to reduce pain and stress.

But in addition, these frequencies favor bone growth, wound healing and muscle growth. That is why it is used in the recovery of fractures and the treatment of osteoarthritis, as well as for the relief of acute and chronic pain, in situations of loss of bone density or muscular atrophy, and for the healing of wounds.

Generate a vibratory field

Having said all this, it is important to clarify that what really has healing power is the vibratory field that generates the cat purr, and not just the sound. Therefore, it is not good to listen to it from afar or through helmets.

If you have a feline pet at home, and she purrs about you, rest assured that it is helping to improve your health. Especially if it purrs right where it hurts: they detect what happens to you and help reverse it.

In any case, the specialists in bioacoustics have a whole system to reproduce the vibratory field of the purring cat in a specific way for the problem that needs to be treated. If you think it can help you, you should consult a specialist in the subject.

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Do you think your cat is able to heal you with its purr? Have you ever felt it?

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