The perfect potato omelette is achieved with these easy and simple tricks that always work (and were already used by your mother and grandmother)

Among the star dishes of Spanish cuisine there are several essentials such as paella, traditional spoon dishes or a good roast lamb. But there is one that few resist, both inside and outside the home, the potato omelette. With onion or without onion, it is a delicious and simple proposal that we can also take anywhere or put in a sandwich. The recipe does not have many complications, but the elaboration is something else. That’s why we want to give you some simple tricks that your mother already used (but they have gone viral on social networks) with which this ideal dish for any time of the day will no longer be a preparation that resists us.

The essential ingredients are, of course, potatoes and egg. Controversies aside, you can also add onion, but that is left to the taste of each one or of the diners. And obviously, the essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine, olive oil.

Once peeled and chopped, soak the potato to lose the starch. (Dilyara Galirufina/Unplash.)

The first step in making a potato omelette is to peel and chop the potatoes. Each maestrillo has his booklet when it comes to cutting them, the ideal is to cut a potato in half, cut each side into about four pieces of similar size and chop them finely. When the potato is chopped, we will put it in a large bowl or salad bowl, which we will fill with cold water. We will wash the potatoes a couple of times, emptying and filling the container again, but later we will leave the potatoes submerged in the water, so that they lose the starch and their texture is more tender. The ideal is to leave them to soak for a couple of hours, but if we are short of time, thirty minutes will suffice.

How tortilla chips are fried

Once this time has elapsed, we will heat the pan in which we are going to fry them with a generous amount of olive oil, a little more than half of the surface. Drain the potatoes well, sprinkle them with salt and try a couple of them to see if the oil is already hot. Only when they begin to release bubbles can we introduce the rest into the pan, the oil has to cover them. And although at first, given the contrast in temperature, it seems that they are not fried, over medium heat the oil will recover the heat and begin its process. Let’s remember that for a potato omelette these do not have to be fried but poachedthat is to say soften without becoming crispy.

Olive oil is essential for the perfect potato omelette (Fulvio Ciccolo / Unsplash).

While the potatoes are poached, cut the onion, if we are going to include it. The moment to join it to the potatoes is that in which the oil has been doing its job for a few minutes, about 10-15. At the time of tossing them, we mix them with the potato with the help of a wooden spoon. Y from time to time we stir so that all the ingredients are cooked homogeneously.

How many eggs does the perfect omelette have?

Another task that we can carry out while the potatoes are being made is to beat the eggs. It is undeniable that free-range eggs add a different flavor to our dishes, but organic or traditional eggs are also perfect to add to our omelette. We crack them on a different surface than the one we are going to beat it, never in the bowl itself due to contamination. The ideal number depends on the size of the tortilla, but so that it is not dry, which is one of the worst things that can happen to this dish, the ideal is four or more eggs. Once in the bowl we add salt, a generous pinch, and beat them vigorously, ideally they are fluffy.

The number of eggs needed for an average size omelet is at least four. / Morgane Perraud/Unplash

To find out if the potato and onion are ready to join with the eggs, we will check that the second has gone from its characteristic color to being transparent. As for the potatoes, we will take a few with the wooden spoon, and we will crush them with a fork. If we do this operation easily, the potatoes are already done. If not, we’ll wait a bit.

When they are ready, turn off the heat and proceed to remove them with a slotted spoon. Before putting them in the egg we make sure that they are well drained, so that we do not have an omelette that is too oily. In each extraction we will mix them with the egg, to make the mixture easier. If when you finish removing the potatoes we see that the mixture has become too compact, with which we run the risk of the tortilla being dry, we can add more eggs, with their pinch of salt and previously beaten in another container.

How to turn the tortilla in the pan

Once we have the ingredients for the tortilla in the bowl, we change the pan and put our tortilla pan on the fire. Because although kitchenware is something that can be expensive, or can take up too much space, for a potato omelette to come out perfect it is essential to have a pan that deals exclusively with this preparation. The wear of it will be less and therefore the results that we will achieve with it will be better.

Find the frying pan that best suits your needs and turn it into the potato omelette frying pan. / AFL

To this pan we add a tablespoon of oil from the potatoes, so that it provides the flavor that we have achieved during the poaching. When it is hot (to check it we can stain the wooden spoon with a little mixture and pour it on the pan) add the complete mixture and, always over medium heat, stir for a minute. Thus, the egg that has curdled on the surface of the pan will begin to give consistency to the mixture throughout the tortilla.

How to turn the potato omelette

When it comes to facing one of the biggest challenges of this dish, turning it over, just as important as having an exclusive pan for tortillas is having a plate or a lid that fits perfectly. We place it on top, we firmly grasp the handle of the pan with one hand and the other we put it on the plate and turn. It is an operation that always seems complicated, especially if the pan or the plate is too heavy, but we can carry it out calmly without any problems.

Before reintroducing the tortilla in the pan, add half a tablespoon of oil, which we will try to cover the entire surface of the tortilla. And when it’s hot again, pour the mixture into the pan. For those who like little curdling, repeating this operation a couple of times or three is enough.. If what you like is a well-done egg and a firm and compact omelette, we can give it more turns, repeating the previous operations but without adding more oil.

As for the remaining oil from the potatoes, we can save it for future tortillas, but we will never use it more than three or four times. And whenever we are going to use it again, we will strain it previously, to eliminate impurities, and surprises, from our pan.

Making a potato omelette is always a challenge and when it comes to eating it, a satisfaction, especially if it turns out well. So we just have to follow the steps calmly, be attentive to what happens in our frying pan and, as always, put all our love into this delicacy of Spanish cuisine.

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