The number of horses you saw in the image reveals how evolved your IQ is

This test allows you to evaluate and test your mental abilities. Find out!

Last update: 29 March, 2022

There are a lot of people who are interested in measuring their IQ and training their mental agility. Therefore, psychologists and artists are creating more and more tools that enable those goals to be met.

Factors such as a person’s visual comprehension and reasoning abilities can be assessed. Also, the speed with which you can process the information that is being detailed.

Best of all, the specialists have published and explained many of their exercises on the internet. Because of this, people can access them for free.

In the same way, it is possible for them to use these tools to have fun and practice with the family in their free moments. As well as following the habit of solving several daily tests to improve mental agility.

In view of this, this time we bring you a magnificent, fun test that will challenge your skills. Do not miss it!

The artist who creates paintings that allow you to test your IQ

Bev Doolittle, the American painter who made the work of art that we are going to analyze, is well known for being a “camouflage artist”. Namely, try to hide multiple elements throughout the painting so that the viewer is encouraged to discover them.

In this way, he creates the optical illusions that are indispensable in IQ tests. Well, they allow the mind to travel and do everything possible to try to reveal each of the elements that are strategically hidden.

In addition, at first they come to deceive the eyes. However, little by little people are realizing that there is something additional and they are not willing to give up until they discover everything.

On the other hand, in addition to testing mental agility, these paintings offer the possibility of appreciating artistic talent. New ways can be found to make many elements fit together until they make sense.

That way deciphering Bev Doolittle’s paintings it is an experience that awakens mental abilities and interest in art. Therefore, below we invite you to put yourself to the test with one of his most famous compositions.

The test you’ve been waiting for

This test consists of analyzing in detail the featured image of this article. Well several horses are hidden in the landscape.

Thus, the objective is to use mental and visual skills to the maximum to discover the largest number of horses. Are you ready to start?

Take your time and, when you think you have the correct answer, come back to analyze the results that we will be detailing in the following paragraphs.

If you found 1 to 2 horses

The test analysts indicated that people who have these results they are comfortable with the elements they already know and are part of their daily life. Therefore, they do not show much interest in discovering new experiences.

If you found 3 to 4 horses

In this case, experts indicate that people are interested in finding new ways to develop their minds and enhance their abilities. Because of that, they explore and discover elements that are not obvious to the naked eye.

If you found 5 horses

Congratulations! The total number of horses in Bev Doolittle’s painting is 5. That way, people who have these results show that they take seriously each of the challenges that are proposed to them and at no time are they willing to give up before achieving the expected results.

As a result of this situation, day by day they enhance their mental agility and are part of new experiences that allow them to continue evolving.

Here we share the image in which you can see where all the horses were:

The scores stipulated by the test specialists

To analyze the teststhe experts have agreed on a number of points that allow analyzing in which position people are according to the results obtained in the exercise.

In this case, it can be interpreted that the people who discovered the 5 horses gained between 115 and 129 points. Because of this, they are above average.

On the other hand, people who found between 3 and 4 horses had a score between 100 and 114 points. They are located in the upper middle.

Finally, people who found between 1 and 2 horses got between 85 and 99 points. That way, are in the lower middle.

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