The myths of water

Like all the beginning of each year we have done different purposes. On a collective level and promoted through Twitter, one of them has been reminding us to drink water. Drinking water is fashionable, in the streets, at work, in the supermarket we have all seen people accompanied by their inseparable bottle of water that empty and refill continually.

While near 5,000 children die daily from Lack of access to clean water, worldwide, celebrities are the first to sign up for this fashion and if you can also get some profitability then better than better. The Tiger Woods golfer or the AC / DC group drink a certain watermark (Evian) by system and specify the exact amounts that must be in their dressing rooms before the concerts or to take a plane trip.

On another level is Paris Hilton who drinks a watermark (Bling) that is bottled in swarovski crystal and it has cork like champagne bottles, even his deceased pet, the chiguagua Tinkerbell, drank it. The zenith of the eccentricities is shown by the singer Madonna who only drinks holy water. Not only do you drink this water, blessed by rabbis, the 'water of the cabal', which is called that, uses it to refill the radiators in your home. It is estimated that your budget in this liquid is $ 10,000 per month.

Different myths or beliefs related to water consumption have been extended. That if the skin needs two liters of water daily to be properly hydrated. That the correct hydration is the elixir of eternal youth, that weak mineralization water favors the health of our kidneys, that if bottled mineral water is better than tap water, etc.

Bottled water is not proven to be better than tap water

They have even appeared different applications for mobile devices that are used to count or remind us to drink water. In some of them a drawing in the form of a plant, as a metaphor of health, wilts or thrives as we register the glasses of water we consume. There are people to whom the 'smartwatch' or mobile do not stop telling them every two hours to drink.

The truth is that the consumption of bottled water is a business that has not stopped growing in recent years and all this despite the fact that, compared to other drinks like beer or drinks with caffeine, spend much less money on advertising. Water is an ideal product, it can be consumed everywhere and it is almost imperishable. The advertising of some brands has even given him the high-end beverage label and some brand has even sponsored Olympics.


The truth is that there is no scientific evidence related to the increase in water consumption, beyond the needs that demand our feeling of thirst Be beneficial to health. Most studies on water consumption are carried out in athletes or athletes. Due to its greater degree of physical activity, this group has greater needs than the general population. The normal thing in them is to drink without thirst since it is excess water will be necessary for the high losses of competitions or training.

Nor is it shown that increased consumption improves the health of our skin or kidney. It is far from proven that bottled water is better than tap water. Everyone knows that in our country tap water It is suitable for consumption, but we would be facing a serious public health problem. But there are even cities like Burgos, San Sebastián or Madrid where it is of excellent quality. It is best that you drink if you are thirsty, do not get complicated and if you have any questions, ask your doctor.

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