The mystery of the woman who has slept 13 days in a row for unknown reasons

Siti Raisa Miranda, affectionately called Echa by her loved ones, starred in a story that went viral in 2017. Apparently, this teenager from Indonesia nicknamed ‘Sleeping Beauty’ remained asleep for thirteen days in a row four years ago. Now, Echa has had a similar episode.

As published by Detik, the parents took the young woman to the Ansari Saleh hospital in Banjarmasin on Friday, April 9, since their daughter had not woke up since the 1st of that month. Although the tests performed on the teenager did not show anything out of the ordinary, the Indonesian he opened his eyes after nine days. Doctors indicated that he is still very weak.

No one really knows what is causing Echa's unusual prolonged sleep, but symptoms suggest that you could suffer from Kleine-Levin syndrome or hypersomnia. It is a very rare neurological condition that causes patients to feel excessively sleepy during the day and sleep for long periods of time. Among the causes that would promote hypersomnia are neurological damage, genetic factors or physical and emotional trauma.

Sleeps while in the bathroom

Once awake, parents often feed the adolescent chocolate. With this, they both hope to calm the young woman's nerves, which are caused by her urge to go to the bathroom. The girl's father, Mulyadi, told in a television program that he always they accompany Echa to the toilet, which does not prevent you from falling asleep while relieving yourself.

Doctors have reported that Echa is still very weak

At the moment, the one known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome has no known treatment. In the absence of research to develop a cure, Echa's parents hope their daughter can have a 'nearly' normal life, even with symptoms of what could be hypersomnia.