The mysterious and unknown virus that killed two tourists in Fiji

David Paul and his wife Michelle They decided that the time had come to indulge. After a hard year of work, this couple of young Americans decided that it was the occasion to know one of the paradises of the Earth: Fiji. Nail dream holidays in which the couple, of 30 years, would travel to the idyllic islands of the Pacific to disconnect from the routine: but what they did not expect was meet death in the strangest way possible.

They had only been in Fiji for a couple of days when the couple began to feel bad. It was sudden, something that they did not know how to link to anything they had done -to eat something very specific, to visit a specific area …-, but that they soon understood that it could be dangerous. Their physical problems were increasing very quickly, which made them go to the hospital in search of a solution that could alleviate what was happening to them. But something strange was happening.

When they managed to get to the medical services, the doctors treated them quickly to the strangeness of the case, before which they were completely surprised: nobody knew what was happening to them. It had only been a couple of hours since they arrived at the hospital when Michelle lost her life. David, veteran of the North American Air Force, He also died a few days later, despite medical plans to take him to Australia to be treated. What had happened?

Medical services have not yet been able to explain what happened to the couple, but the first inquiries suggest that both American tourists could have contracted an unknown virus, but strong enough as to bring both youngsters to death. The family of both assure that they were in great health before the trip and that they had never had a serious problem that would have made them be treated previously.

"They knew that something was happening to them in the body, so they decided to go to the hospital. They had time to get there"he confesses Tracey Canalog, sister-in-law of the couple, to 'ACB News'. "They had planned an incredible vacation and both were very athletic, they were very strong physically, "he confesses.The blow to the family was also hard, since the death of both came only a day before they had to return to the United States.

But the big doubt lies in knowing what happened. What ended the lives of both people? Everything points to that it would be a powerful virus, but that the medical authorities have not been able to decipher what it is, something in which the local and American medical services work together. "Although they received medical treatment, his diseases progressively worsened and they died a few days apart, "the Ministry of Health of Fiji said in a statement.

Now, the fundamental job is to try to unravel what really happened. The only clue they have is related to the Influenza virus, from which the authorities confirmed that there has been a recent outbreak, although in no case took anyone to death. Their symptoms are similar to those of a constipated, although it can have complications at the pulmonary, muscular or even in the brain and heart. It will be the tests that really determine what happened.

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