The multiple injuries of Dembelé in the FC Barcelona

If there is something that harms the career of an athlete, it is suffering repeated injuries in a short time. This is what happened to Ousmane Dembelé during his years at Barcelona.

Last update: 09 May, 2022

Ousmane Dembelé has suffered an enormous number of physical injuries since his arrival at FC Barcelona in 2017. These they have prevented him from training normally and perform at its highest level in the Blaugrana team.

The French striker, just 25 years old, appeared as a shining figure; first in the Stade de Rennes of his native country. Later in Germany, playing for the Borussia Dortmund. That was where he caught the attention of Barcelona, ​​​​which invested 140 million euros in his signing.

Nevertheless, the physical aspect did not accompany the great talent of the attackerwho spent more than 700 days inactive during the years he has been in the Spanish league.

The various injuries that affected Dembelé

In the following list we are going to describe what physical problems Ousmane Dembelé suffered as a Barcelona player. Many of them are muscle injuries, but there are also other types.

1. Thigh Tears and Muscle Problems

The thigh, the part of the lower limb located between the hip and the knee, is where Dembelé has had the most problems. Both in the biceps and in the hamstring, which are muscles of the front and back of the leg, he has suffered repeated injuries.

In 2017, in his first season at Barcelona, ​​he had a ruptured biceps femoris tendon in his left thigh. He underwent surgery and was 106 days out of the field. This tendon is the one that joins the biceps femoris muscle with the ischium, a bone located in the lower part of the pelvis.

Later, in January 2018, he had barely recovered from the previous injury and had a fibrillar rupture in his left thigh. This is nothing more than an injury also known as tearin which the fibers that make up the muscle are broken. To return to physical activity, it is necessary to wait for these fibers to recompose themselves.

The hamstrings are in the thigh. An injury there prevents continued physical activity.

The next year, In 2019, the Gallic player suffered an elongation in the femoral biceps of the left thigh. In this case, there is a stretching that generates pain, but there are no tears or bruises. Recovery usually takes a couple of days.

Although he recovered quickly, the premature return to the courts played against him and he had a muscle tear in the biceps femoris of his left leg that left him inactive for almost a month. In other words, he suffered a new tear.

That same year other ailments recurred in the hamstring muscles of the right leg. Already in 2020, another muscle injury in the left thigh. The last of this course was an elongation in the semimembranosus of the left thigh in June 2021.

2. Ankle sprains

At the beginning of 2019, Dembelé suffered a sprain in his left ankle. In the previous season, in 2018, he had already injured his right ankle for the same condition.

A sprain is a partial or total distension or rupture of a ligament. This injury usually occurs after a sudden movement or excessive twisting that this body structure is not capable of withstanding.

The 2019 injury left Dembelé 18 days inactivewhile the previous one had occurred in the last game of the 2017/2018 season, so he did not miss his team’s games.

3. Knee problem

As in many other footballers, the knees have also generated problems for the physical well-being of Dembelé. This is expected considering that football is a contact sport in which these joints receive permanent impact with each step.

In any case, it should be noted that knee injuries do not abound in Dembelé’s medical history. Just in 2021, during the European Championship, he suffered a disinsertion of the biceps tendon in his right knee, playing for the France team. This left him not only out of the tournament, but also out of the following preseason with the barca.

Specifically, the disinsertion of a tendon happens when it is disconnected from the joint it has to join with a muscle group. In the case discussed, the biceps tendon was detached from the knee joint.

Inactive days for a player are an ordeal, as he loses consistency and increases the risk of re-injury.

Dembelé and his ordeal of injuries in Barcelona

The injuries that Dembelé has had to go through show that the physique of an athlete is as important as his ability or the innate gift you may have. Both things go hand in hand and must be enhanced to perform at the highest level.

Due to misfortune, for biological reasons or for any other reason, Ousmane Dembelé has been plagued by injuries in Barcelona and has left him out of more than a hundred games. He is still young, but he will have to find solutions if he wants to prolong his career in the main teams in Europe.

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