The mother of vinegar, an amazing anti-aging slimming food

Apple or cider vinegar is one of those foods rich in antioxidant polyphenols that have the power to delay premature cell aging and prevent many diseases thanks to their enzymes. That cloudy and brownish part that can be seen in some bottles of vinegar, is what is called the mother of vinegar, I do not repair your unattractive appearance because it is a healthy treasure and can do many things for your health. Word!


Not all vinegars are the same

Like the bread dough, the vinegar mother is a substance from which vinegar is produced. It is a substance composed of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that develop in the fermentation of alcoholic liquids. Adding this sourdough to alcoholic beverages such as wine or cider produces what we know as vinegar.

Not all vinegars have a sourdough when they are for sale since many vinegars have been pasteurized, refined, filtered or distilled for commercial purposes to make the product more attractive to the consumer. In this way they eliminate at all (or a large part) that probiotic superfood that is loaded with enzymes and that can help you regulate the intestinal flora. However, commercial vinegars can be found if it contains unfermented sugar and / or alcohol. Our recommendation is that you choose organic vinegar, unprocessed and unfiltered so that you can benefit from all the properties of the mother.


A weight loss promoter

Being a fermented food has enzymes that are responsible for regulating the microbiota thus promoting weight loss since the alteration of the intestinal flora is related to the inflammation of the tissues and is associated with health problems such as obesity and insulin resistance.

A healthy microbiota is involved in the less production of the so-called hunger hormone or ghrelin and a greater segregation of the satiety hormone (leptin), In addition to being directly related to fat absorption, intestinal permeability and inflammation. Not only does it help you lose weight to have the intestinal flora taken care of, it will also keep many diseases at bay, including autoimmune.


Apple cider vinegar has a blood glucose regulating effect as it has acetic acid that partially blocks starch digestion thereby reducing blood sugar levels. Take two tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in water before meals to benefit from this effect. Acetic acid also facilitates fat burning and accelerates metabolism. Organic vinegar? Put me two!

More healthy benefits

It is a highly digestive food because, due to its fermentation process, it is rich in enzymes. Not only that, It is an excellent toxin scrubber thanks to the malic, lactic and citric acid it contains that take care of the liver and discard substances harmful to the body, cleaning it.

Why do we say that the mother of vinegar is an excellent anti-aging? Because Being a food rich in polyphenols, it is highly antioxidantIt protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals, helps reduce inflammation and delays premature aging.

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Vinegar, even if it seems paradoxical, It is a very effective antacid to relieve heartburn and heartburn naturally, since it reduces the pH in the heart (the upper part of the stomach that joins the esophagus) preventing it from giving way to stomach gastric juices.

Consumption and conservation

As it is a product with at least 5% acidity it is perfectly preserved outside the refrigerator and, once opened, it can last up to 5 years without refrigeration. Simply keep it well covered and protected from sunlight.


You can buy it or make it yourself at home and include it in healthy recipes such as salad dressing, stews, pickles, to dilute in water and take it to teaspoons (in moderation)… It is a fabulous probiotic that you can keep a lot of time at home and that will help you stay young, healthy and have effective weight control. Have you already convinced yourself that the mother of vinegar is the perfect mother? We are going to get some bottles to the one of already.

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